My life on paper

Kathy’s recent post about finding a supply of ink pens that were dried up made me think about all the pens around here and all the writing I do. Kathy replied to my comment that she didn’t handwrite very much so didn’t need a large supply of pens. I write every day, usually lots, by hand, with my pens. This is my favorite gel pen that Terry special orders for me by the boxful:



I keep a large assortment of pens and pencils both at the computer desk and in the family room where I do most of my writing.IMG_2761

So, what do I write? I keep a journal, having done so since 1997. I now use large journals so I can make notes of books and articles I am reading. I use the journals to jot down ideas for stories. I keep word lists which I use for later writing. I make notes for my Sunday School class. When I was teaching at the inner city high school, I would plan my lessons and make lists of what needed to be done during the next week. Now I make lists of tasks to get accomplished. Sometimes a grocery list. I send a lot of cards-birthday, sympathy, get-well-all written by hand.

While we were in San Francisco, I packed up all of my journals and moved them to the storage unit. The wicker storage chest I used for them at the house in Fresno was moved to the apartment. Now that we are back, I have retrieved the journals and put them back in their place. When thinking about writing this post, I decided to get them all out and see just what they look like, stacked up, all 15 years worth. They don’t all fit in the wicker chest any more so I keep five year’s worth in a cabinet. This is what a quarter of my life-on paper looks like:



Here’s the last ten years, back in the wicker chest: IMG_2759





Much of my day is spent in research, writing, and reading. I can work anywhere on my computer, but most of the time I’m in the “computer room.” IMG_2752When I’m writing, with pen and paper, I work in the family room. IMG_2763During the day I move between the two spots quite a bit.





And, of course, when summer time

IMGP1418comes, I can go outside and work.





11 responses to “My life on paper

  1. Thanks for the nice link.

    I do have a container of pens and pencils on my desk, and am forever picking up stray ones that Hubby leaves scattered around the house. I’m more inclined, though, to use my computer for things I used to hand write–calendar, grocery list, and I “journal” on my blog.

  2. Wow Delaine, you have quite a collection! My handwriting is suffering as like Kathy, I type more into the computer.

  3. I don’t write a whole lot anymore since I’ve started writing blog posts daily. However, I do have a favorite pen also. My daughter just had a box of it sent to me. Yae!

    • I love the feel of pen on paper and moving my hand across the page. I like forming each letter, in cursive, mind you. I do, however, make printed lists. Just keeping all the skills up to date!

  4. I rarely write any more, and my handwriting shows it. When I was writing Christmas cards, I thought they looked like they were being written by an old lady. Oh, wait: they were. 🙂

  5. Likewise, my handwriting has gone downhill due to tendonitis issues. So the keyboard is my pen and the screen my paper.

    I jot notes while at work, put in dropbox and retrieve at home. Gone digital and cloud.


  6. Handwritten letters are antiques! I always used to prefer pen and paper to a keyboard. Until arthritis. My right hand is the most afflicted and my handwriting is barely legible and writing makes my elbow ache!! I did manage to write a scrapbook for my youngest daughter about 10 years ago. I pulled out all her photos and saved treasures and wrote stories about her in my handwriting in a memory book. It was my Christmas gift to her and she still has it on her coffee table for her friends and family to read and remember. I am so glad I actually wrote it out, because she points that out and comments on how meaningful it is that I took the time.

  7. Yesterday, I moved my old journals into an airproof plastic box. I figure they are “safer” there. I stopped journaling on a regular basis a few years ago when I had a stroke. Perhaps I will resume again some day. I am so busy with other ‘hobbies’ and tasks, I don’t know when. As for pens I have a canister full, next to my computer on my desk. No room to write there however.

  8. I am SO impressed that you have tenaciously written a journal for all those years! I am jealous! I have started and stopped so many times! I, too, keep a bunch of pens on my desk. I don’t “write” so much; I pretty much type everything on my computer. FYI – I had heard that the author Danielle Steele hand writes ALL her manuscripts on legal paper. THAT is impressive!

    Thanks for the tip about visiting the APPLE store. Hopefully I won’t have any more problems with my phone. If I do, I’ll let my niece take care of it; she’s the manager of an Apple store. I just didn’t want to bother her over the holidays! 😉

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