For the rest of your life

During the late summer and fall, Terry had problems with his right shoulder. The pain did not go away so he finally went to the doctor and learned he has a frozen shoulder. The doctor sent him to therapy where they specialize in shoulder to hand only. He had gone there a few years ago when he had a problem with his thumb. The therapist recommended a set of six therapy sessions and then they would reevaluate his condition. The range of motion has improved and he now has a set of exercises he will do “for the rest of his life.”

Although the insurance has authorized another set of six therapy sessions, Terry is going to keep doing the exercises at home and see if he continues to improve. Our insurance cost has increased drastically since I retired just a couple of years ago so I have changed to a $1000 deductible for each of us so as to keep the rate as low as possible. We never reach the deductible so the cost for all this therapy is coming out of Terry’s own pocket.

So, we are both doing exercises “for the rest of your life.” You may remember the one I do for sciatica. I also have a series of exercises I do for balance as I have  serious vestibular nerve damage, probably caused by an ear infection. I became aware of this when we were living in San Francisco. I would turn my head quickly and get dizzy for a moment. The balance therapist to whom I was sent said I try to do too many things at one time and must become more “aware” of each movement I make. Yeah, right. I am glad this came to light after I left teaching. As any teacher knows, you must have eyes in the back of your head and be aware of every movement in the room. Perhaps, the vestibular problem had been with me the last year or so of teaching because it was becoming harder to move around the room so quickly, and keep doing it all day, for five days in a row.

My spine has begun to flatten, causing nerve damage that can make my fingers go numb if I neglect to do a couple of exercises. Actually it’s my neck that has the deterioration, but I have been told that I can slow the rate with exercise. Again, “for the rest of your life.”

Because we still have a whole lot of living to do, and those adorable grandchildren with whom we like to scamper and climb, we will keep doing the exercises.


12 responses to “For the rest of your life

  1. Yup – – – We know the stories about the insurance deductible, the out-of-pocket payments, and the “for the rest of your life exercises.” My exercises are straight-leg to keep the quads strengthened to help take stress of the knees.
    Do you remember a long time ago when we were young and did not pay an exorbitant amount for insurance premiums – – – or out of pocket at the doctors’ office?

    • Yes, just two years ago! When I first retired, the school district’s insurance was $85 a month for hubby and me. $250 yearly deductible for the whole family with 80 percent paid on dr’s appts. Drugs were $5. It’s now $10 for drugs (still very cheap for generics) but to get the same medical coverage, I would have to pay $250 a month. That was the reason for the change.

  2. I remember when that phrase “the rest of your life” represented infinity? Well, no more! Now it’s only a decade or two… 🙂

  3. This is the part about middle age that I don’t like. Good luck with the exercises.

  4. I too have the rest of your life exercises to do…ugh! But you are right…what we won’t do for the grandchildren to stay healthy.

  5. Yikes! Frozen shoulder is no joke. When I tore a rotator cuff and the doctor wanted to send me to physical therapy and cortisone injections, I declined and opted instead to let the body heal itself. During the healing process, I ended up with three years of shoulder pain I thought I was going to have to live with until I was led to and experienced a miracle at the dongguk oriental center. I’d never ever heard of a frozen shoulder, but two acupuncture treatments and shoulder is good as new. The sciata exercises made me smile. You look like you’re dancing.

  6. Have you looked into restorative yoga? I started 6 months ago and no longer have the neck pain and the feet cramping I used to have. It’s the yoga they do with comforting pillows and blankets. Wonderful…

  7. I hear you. I decided that to lose weight and keep it off I would have to watch my diet for the rest of my life. Before I made this decision, every time I dieted I would lose weight and quickly return to my old ‘normal’ when I lost the required poundage. Now working on keeping weight I lost last summer off and doing pretty well despite he holidays. Dianne

  8. Delaine, I see what you mean about alot of shade in your back yard. Do you like ferns? They love shade!!

    • Thanks for your suggestion. I do love ferns and enjoy them when we hike in the mountains. Unfortunately, our hot summers (100degrees) will not allow them to grow in my backyard. That is the problem–lots of shade, but still hot out there. It’s a conundrum!

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