What’s been going on with my Sunday School class

The Sunday School room for 1st/2nd grade

The Sunday School room for 1st/2nd grade

The last two weeks have been a bit crazy with my Sunday School class of first and second graders. For one thing, I have not had an aide, which is usually one of the high school kids. Don’t know what happened to the girl who was scheduled, but she never showed up. But, that’s not a problem because I never had an aide in all those years I taught at the inner city high school.

I usually teach the second hour of class, but two weeks ago, the lady who was going to do the second hour while I did first hour, just didn’t feel up to doing it, so I did the whole two & 1/2 hours. When snacks arrived, they were trying to serve red punch, which I know is not good for my students. I put my foot down, and said, NO, my students would drink water that day. They did get a chocolate cookie which made one of my students pretty hyper.  Knowing that if I wanted certain foods served for snack, I better provide the snacks, so I bought a bag of Cuties (tangerines that easily peel), crackers, and apple juice for this past Sunday. Noticing that when snacks were served, that was all they had except for a bag of pretzels, I realized that no one had brought snacks. Guess I will be getting the snacks again this week. I found out that they ran out of Cuties so maybe two bags for this week.

Two weeks ago we did the story of Jericho. My students joined with the third/fourth graders in marching around the walled city, blowing horns for “six” days and on the “seventh” day, shouting. It was quite the noisy scene, but the kids had great fun. Here is a picture BEFORE the wall fell down:


This past Sunday I had planned for the kids to make snow-white play-doh as they all love to play with the stuff, and I thought it would be a good tactile lesson and also one in following directions. This is the recipe I used:

Mix 1 cup cornstarch, 1/2 cup salt, 1 Tbsp cream of tartar in a bowl.

Add 1 Tbsp oil.

Pour in 1 cup boiling water and stir like crazy.

Add a few drops of glycerin to make it smooth.

Turn out on wax paper and knead, knead, knead.

I had the kids pair up to do this as I had prepared 6 bowls ahead of time, but I had 10 kids come to class. Only two of them had been in the class the previous week. This is a real problem I have, the same kids don’t show up each week. It was major work for me to get around to all the teams and help them stir and knead as I didn’t have an aide. This is when I really could have used a second pair of hands. But, we did it. Each team split their play-doh in half and took it home. I have no pictures of this because I was too busy managing the chaos. The kids were so impressed with what they had done and really excited to show their parents when they picked them up after church.

Next week is about when God stopped the time.


4 responses to “What’s been going on with my Sunday School class

  1. Hi! I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and always enjoy your perspective. My friend here in San Francisco also blogs and you two always remind me of each other. I thought I would pass on a link to her blog in case it interested you. She’s now living in San Francisco after a long season serving internationally.

    Here’s the link: http://www.brendas-blog.com/

    Hopefully her comment options friendly!

  2. sounds like they are getting high quality lessons! What a cheerful looking classroom!

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