Cutting off my thumb to spite my hand

No, no, not really. I just attempted to cut off my thumb.

I was at church, working in my Sunday School room, getting ready for the next lesson. This week I am teaching the first hour which is usually a review of last week’s lesson, an introduction of this week’s lesson, and memorization work on the weekly Bible verse and the books of the Bible. At the midway point we have a snack. The second hour contains the week’s lesson and a craft project. The lady who is doing the second hour asked me to prep the materials for the craft which meant cutting colored tissue paper into small pieces. I have done this for a previous craft so had some squares left but needed to cut more. Using the large paper cutter in the work room, I was just finishing the last of the colors, red, when I came down on my left thumb with the large blade. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

I was concerned about getting blood on everything so went immediately to get a tissue (not colored paper) to wrap my thumb. The pain was so intense I was afraid to look at the finger, fearing a gush of blood. Fortunately, the finger did not bleed a lot, just hurt like the dickens. Made my whole body ache. I found that letting the hand hang down helped with the pain. I managed to get into my purse and find my bottle of Excedrin, taking one capsule with hopes of easing the pain.

The slice goes across the nail but it’s not deep and I’m sure it will heal in a few days. Just makes tasks harder to complete. I did finish the prep for the art project and even managed to make one as an example. Then I went home and laid on the couch.

Sun catcher

Sun catcher


7 responses to “Cutting off my thumb to spite my hand

  1. That’s certainly going above and beyond for your students!

  2. Ouch!!! Had a similar accident once at home. Told my wife, “Get me a bandaid.” At her urging went to emergency clinic for stiches.

    • Fortunately, God looks out for fools like me. The cut wasn’t serious enough for stitches. Actually bled very little, just hurts. Lots of prayer, and again God takes care of me. The finger looks very good this morning, but it still hurts.

  3. Here’s hoping you feel better soon. And Hopefully, the nice craft project will be appreciated by the students, what with all the preparation hazards beforehand. While I’m here, I love the juices you produce. Not that I would go to so much trouble on my own, but nice to know there are still some folks around who like things done right 🙂

  4. Did the cutting edge come down on the nail? You may have a bruise under the nail as well as a cut in the nail itself. It will not heal as quickly as a cut through the skin, though I do not recommend the later with a paper cutter. Keep an eye on the bruise and anticipate that it will go away slowly as the nail grows out. If the pain persists, check with your doctor about whether the bruise needs to be drained. Being under the nail, unlike a blister that can expand out into soft skin tissue, the pressure has few options but to press into the internal structures. Also, as the nail groes out, the injured part might fall off. Keep it trimmed close, and covered with a bandage to avoid snagging it. I caught a finger in a door a couple years back (I’m also a therapist, who works with hand injuries). My nail took about 3 months to grow out, fall off, and grow back into shape. I’m sure there is a Sunday school lesson in here somewhere…

  5. I’m glad it was relatively minor. I find I don’t realize everything I use my thumbs for until I hurt them.

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