Amazing weather

This has been a really cold, dry winter in the San Joaquin Valley, but because of little rain, we have had amazing sunshine. Now that the days are getting longer, the sun’s beams are really lighting up my life.

Yesterday afternoon, I walked through the hallway to see the sun pouring into the family room.


This morning, I glanced up from reading the newspaper to see this light show in the living room.


All this sunshine makes me feel so happy and energized.


4 responses to “Amazing weather

  1. Sunshine does indeed gladden the heart. Dianne

    • Yes it does. I usually get so sad and depressed during the long, dark winter months, but this year has been different. We’ve had very few overcast days, almost every day has been sunny, morning till evening, just real short hours due to the earth’s tilt at this time.

  2. This is a happy post! I love sunshine too! I was caught in a snow squall this morning, then the sun came out about an hour later and it all cleared up.

  3. That’s wonderful! Sunshine does raise the spirits. I can see the longer days even in Hawaii.

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