A cordial anniversary


Yesterday was our 38th wedding anniversary. How so many years have passed, I do not know. We were married on a blustery Saturday. Yesterday was a mild, sunny Friday.

Before going out to dinner at our current favorite Mexican restaurant, we stopped by a new friend’s place and picked up that box of cherry cordials at the top of the post. Caroline Wade is this marvelous young cake decorator/pastry chef/baker extraordinaire whom I met in 2012. She also made the gingerbread house that my granddaughter decorated at Christmas. Caroline makes the cordials for Valentines, but we ordered ours a bit early.

They are not just pretty, they taste amazing. The cream centers are heavenly. Terry eats the chocolate shell and the cherry, I eat the fondant. We make a great team after all these years.



9 responses to “A cordial anniversary

  1. Happy anniversary…hope there’s many more!

  2. Oh Happy Anniversary Delaine! It’s funny how we remember the weather on our wedding day, no matter how long ago it was. It was cold and rainy on mine.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Those look delish!

  4. Happy anniversary! Isn’t it amazing how fast time flies by? I love your way of sharing together. 🙂

  5. Happy Anniversary and many many more…Michelle

  6. Happy 38th Anniversary

  7. Thank you, everyone, for your best wishes. God is very good to us.

  8. Now if you had said chocolate-covered strawberries, I would have fought you for them!!! We will be married 37 years this fall. It really has flown by.


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