The week ahead

The week ahead may be a little crazy, so don’t expect to see much around these parts. Our son-in-law, who just turned 34, has come down with a case of shingles on his face. He has just left his job of 10 years and was planning to stay home with the kids for awhile. Poor guy is now in severe pain.

We are on our way, tomorrow, to pick up the grandkids and bring them here to stay for awhile. I don’t know for just how long, though. I have a hair appointment on Friday. Saturday I am making Zody’s red wagon pies for an event on Sunday. Sunday I am teaching Sunday School in the morning (for which I must go to church and prep my room one day during the week) as well as going to the dessert event in the afternoon. If we don’t take the grandkids home by Thursday, it will be Monday before they go back. I might be insane by then.  Or, so tired I cannot stand up.

Oh well, we will have a good time and worry about the other stuff as the time comes. Judah has become quite the little video maker. Here we are, watching a video of him:

Photo on 10-14-12 at 2.33 PM #2


7 responses to “The week ahead

  1. I hope you keep your pretty red curls! You both look so happy. 🙂

  2. oh sorry to hear the bad news…have you had your shingles shot?
    Your grandson’s a cutie!

    • Christine, I actually had shingles 3 years ago. It was a mild case, over in about a week. Had a ferocious pain on the back of my head. By the time I got to the doctor, pain was gone. She ruffled my hair and said it was shingles as she could see the “stripling” that was left behind. Said I wouldn’t need a shingles shot since I’d had the disease. Terry got a shingles shot as soon as he turned 60 a few years ago even though our insurance would not cover it at that time. I have heard since then that the insurance has changed to cover the vaccine. Makes sense.

  3. I had Shingles, what a messy experience. Best Wishes to your SIL. Dianne

  4. Whew! We had one of those tiring weeks last week. Praying the son heals quickly with no residual effects. He must have been under some stress at work to have caught them so young. I know you are enjoying the grandkids but 24 hours is very tiring. Not like me where I send mine home at 3:30.
    And I read your other posts but never had time to comment. You do a great job with your Sunday School projects. That is how I taught, too – – lots of preparation because we give our best to HIM!

    • Thanks for all the nice comments, Lynda. The shingles turned out to be a minor concern. We picked up the kids on Monday, thinking we would return them on Thursday, but Monday night we learned that our son-in-law’s sister had a snowboarding accident and would require surgery. Our daughter and son-in-law came to Fresno for a few days to provide family support, and the grandkids are still with us. After 5 days, I am definitely getting tired.

  5. This is too cute! I love it! My husband had shingles when he was in college, but they told him to get the vaccine anyway which he did.

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