Oh, what a week it was

The house is quiet. The grandkids have gone home. The big kids are back in their places. Friends are on the mend. Oh, my, it was the week that was…

We originally picked up the tiny grandchildren to give their dad some respite as he recuperated from a painful case of shingles on his face. On their first night here we receive a message from our daughter that Chad’s sister, Sara, had a snowboarding accident on Monday, breaking her back. She was hospitalized in Fresno and they would be on their way Tuesday to sit with the family at the hospital through the first of two surgeries. My immediate thought was that Sara would be paralyzed as another young friend of ours  had been who had a similar accident about 15 years ago.

As the week wore on, we learned that Sara made it through the reconstruction surgery, having titanium rods put in to stabilize her spine, and her pain was lessened. Jen spent a couple of nights here, but Chad remained with his brother-in-law, giving him moral support.

Play-doh time with Grandpa

Play-doh time with Grandpa

Finally, on the day we had planned to take the kids home, Jen went home, alone, as she had work to do and there would be no one to take care of the kids. I took Leeya with me to church to work on Sunday School preparations and Terry stayed home with Judah.

Leeya thought the Sunday School playground equipment was cool.

Leeya thought the Sunday School playground equipment was cool.





Chad came Friday night, after Sara had a successful second surgery. Sara would be in the five percent who have this injury and are not paralyzed.

A family friend was heading to the Bay Area on Saturday and would take Chad and the kids home. I got up early Saturday morning to start work on the cherry pies I would be taking to a party Sunday afternoon for a young missionary who is home on hiatus. Life was taking on a more normal look.

Zody's Red Wagon Pies

Zody’s Red Wagon Pies

During the week I learned that the granddaughter of a close friend had been airlifted to San Francisco with a serious breathing problem. The family was frantic as this little girl was born with a defective diaphragm that required surgery immediately upon delivery. Viral bronchitis could possibly jeopardize the hernia she has. Jennifer, who lives just down the peninsula from San Francisco, took dinner to the young family twice at the hospital, sitting and providing some comfort in their vigil. She knew what it was like, to be waiting, in a hospital.

Yesterday afternoon we got good news on all fronts: Sara is headed home today; the friend’s granddaughter will be going home, too; Chad’s shingles seem to be leaving and he is feeling better. Also, through all of this, Jennifer got some much needed rest.

God has richly blessed us this past week, giving us many opportunities to bless others. We are indeed thankful for His mercy and goodness. And, now we are back to our semi-normal routine.


8 responses to “Oh, what a week it was

  1. That was quite a week for sure. I am thankful for the good report on your loved ones.

  2. I wanted to email you with a response. Do you have an email that you share. I am so in need of someone like you to ruthlessly go through my stuff and get rid of it! I got rid of so much when I left teaching, but I have so much more to get rid of that I could not part with before. I’m stuck, and I know it!

  3. oh seriously what a week you had! It’s fortunate you were able to help out with your sweet grandkids, that is a big stress relief as it is!

  4. What a wonderful outcome with Sara! And you seem to be quite blessed with the recent happenings turning out for the best. Sending you big hugs!

    • Thank you, DJan, for the hugs. Yes, it was quite the week. Things are looking very good for everyone right now. Let’s hope it stays that way for awhile.

  5. Good gosh! What an incredible week! Thank goodness the outcome was promising at the end of it. My daughter had shingles on her face too and I can still see a little of the scarring. It’s a scary thing. It’s amazing that Sara survived breaking her back. That is truly frightening! Here’s hoping your next week will be quieter and happier.

    • Not only has Sara gone home, but she will not need to go to rehab. This is quite amazing. Definitely a miracle in there. As for those shingles, I am so surprised to keep hearing about young people getting them. Always considered them an old person’s ailment.

  6. What a blessing it is for us to be able to help with grandchildren. And why does life seem to be feast or famine with things happening? Praise God we have the Lord or we really would have trouble coping some days. . . . . . and about the Shingles, it does not discriminate with age anymore. One of our friends had them in her forties. She was under a LOT of stress at work.

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