Hand care

For decades I have had problems with the skin on my fingers cracking during the winter months. When I was teaching I attributed it to all the paper I handled every day, along with the cold temperatures. I often had bandaged fingers in the winter to guard the splits on them from getting hit and hurting even more.  There are lots of nerve endings in our digits.

Last week’s child care did not help my fingers. Meal preparation, diaper changes, laundry, baths, helping with teeth brushing and hand washing all kept my hands in water. And, it was cold most of the time the grandchildren were here. My hands took a beating. I had a crack on my right thumb and on my left index finger as well a the cut on my left thumb from the paper cutter.  My poor hands were in bad shape.

I had purchased this hand cream a few weeks prior, and was using it daily by the end of the week.  One of its claims is that it helps protect from the drying effects of wind and cold weather. Seems to have worked very well as my cracked fingers have healed and they aren’t painful.



8 responses to “Hand care

  1. Eucerin is GREAT stuff! I have been using some Burt’s Bees products and they are working well. I, too, deal with very dry skin.

  2. My daughter used that too and loved it. A Eucerin ointment was prescribed to me for my dry, chapped hands in Illinois. It was great also.

  3. I don’t usually need anything on my hands, but when I was in Florida my sister introduced me to this cream. It does seem pretty darn wonderful! :-0

  4. This looks like a good one, I know the feeling of cracked fingers in the wintertime. Painful.

  5. Thanks for the endorsement of this product. I too have those same problems with my hands. When my children were small, this problem was especially bad. I will try this product.

  6. Back in October, I had a weird reaction to a pedicure (my mom took me and one of my friends as a belated birthday present) – they were fine afterward but I was okay only for about 2 weeks and then the skin on my feet got HORRIBLE. I assume it was something to which I was allergic rather than a salon problem since the two of them were fine, but my feet were cracking, drying, then so bad they were weeping. I tried Nivia, Gold Bond, Neutrogena, and the only thing that actually healed it (months afterward) was Eucerin.

  7. I love Eucerin too. I have a tub in my desk drawer and one at home. My fingers also split and crack in the winter. But up here, I’ve noticed less skin splitting. I think it’s the humidity that helps. But I still handle paper and wash my hands quite a bit.

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