…early to bed

When teaching I was always so exhausted by the time I finished dinner that I was ready for bed by 7:30. The days were long and arduous with heavy demands on my mental and physical energies. There were some Fridays, after a seriously long week, that I would just flop on the couch when I got home and even decline Terry’s offer to go out for dinner. It was too much effort.

I go back to those early blog posts and wonder how I managed to do all that I did. And, what is even more mind-boggling, those days were less demanding than the ones during the mid-90s when we were not only teaching our classes, but traveling all over to give presentations about the innovative work we were doing. I finally put my foot down on the traveling show and said that if people wanted to know what we did, they could come watch us in action. Our students deserved our time and energy in the classroom, not on the conference circuit.

Coming back to now, our days are not very demanding, except when we are taking care of tiny grandchildren. I  get to pick and choose the tasks, and if I fail to accomplish them all, there is always tomorrow. Or the next day. As I wrote in the previous post, I try to get the major work done by noon, or thereabouts. My afternoons are reserved for things that take little to no effort. Like reading. Or doing some yard work. Or sorting photos. Then fixing dinner and watching some of our taped TV shows.  By 9 p.m. I am ready for bed. Even when we travel, I want to end my day early and relax in the hotel room rather than running around to night spots. A good book, or a chance to catch up on blogs, makes a perfect end to the day.


2 responses to “…early to bed

  1. Once again, I agree with what you have said about the day and the before and after retirement. I was so tired the half year before retirement. The thing that kept me going was knowing I was about to be home and could set my own schedule. So glad to hear you are enjoying your time, too. Some people said I would be bored and regret leaving work. I haven’t yet – – even if they say I will in a few months. I don’t see that my mind will change!

  2. I’d say you are in a good place right now!

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