Still making juice

Thought I should check in with my juicing adventures. Yes, I’m still keeping my Breville juicer busy almost every day. Terry thought it might be a passing fancy, but I have found that it’s so easy to use, so delicious to drink, and I feel good. So, I keep doing it.

As to what I am juicing, these are my favorites:

  • apple, pear, cranberries, 3 kales leaves, handful of basil leaves
  • apple, pear, blueberries, 3 kale leaves, handful of basil leaves
  • apple, pear, carrot, 3 kale leaves, handful of mint leaves
  • apple, pear, fennel bulb, carrot
  • apple, pear, beet, 3 kale leaves, carrot

Today I tried raspberries with the apple, pear, 3 kale leaves mixture. Didn’t care much for it. The grocery store had marked the pints of berries to 99 cents so decided to give it a try. Next time I find them that cheap, I’ll just eat them by the handful. 

Tried juicing swiss chard instead of kale, but it had too much of a green taste. I am really pleased with how much kale I have consumed this winter. That was one of the reasons I wanted to get a juicer, to get more of those dark greens into my body. I love spinach, but kale and chard just don’t appeal in any form. Except, now for juicing the kale. 


13 responses to “Still making juice

  1. I eat kale almost daily, but it’s steamed instead of juiced. If I had a Vitamix like my sister, I’d be having my kale in a smoothie every day, like she does. But I love it steamed. Any way you get it, it’s sure good for you! 🙂

    • I don’t care for the texture of kale. It seems that no matter what I do to it (steamed, braised, in soups), it’s still tough and scratchy. My daughter makes kale chips, but I don’t care for those either. The juicing seems to be one way to get some of those nutrients into me.

  2. As soon as it warms up a bit, I will get back to juicing again. I think I will try the last item on your list. The beet should make an interesting addition. Dianne

  3. I am truly impressed! I have not ever thought much about juicing but I can see where it would be super healthy for you. It’s surprising the raspberries weren’t good in it. Like you, I thought they would be, too. Can you tell a difference in your health or how you are feeling since starting this?

    • My health is excellent, and whether the juice makes any difference, I don’t know, except that I am now consuming kale. I don’t exchange the juice for a meal but rather as an addition to what I consume. I feel very good.

  4. I’m glad you are enjoying the juicer so much and putting it to such great use. I just bought a Vitamix and have been doing much the same thing as you are doing. I need to get some kale and try putting it in my smoothies instead of spinach. Like you, I really don’t like it. Perhaps, I would like in a smoothies.

  5. enjoy your juicing! That reminds me I have some kale to make kale chips.

  6. I’m so amazed with the kale addition to your juices. That is so healthy and wonderful!

  7. Kale, finnel ?? I am an oldtimer. Give me meat and potatoes.

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