Cracked up

It’s been a busy week, and I really have lots of stories, but typing them is sort of difficult with this thumb:

Photo on 2-23-13 at 9.33 AM

Remember my post about the hand cream? Well, I neglected to use it a couple of nights, and my thumb cracked open while I was working on these Sunday School preparations:

860694_3838522501307_2034419610_oThis makes typing a bit difficult. Also cooking. I can’t fix food with the bandaid on so have to undress the thumb and scrub it well which just makes it more sore.


9 responses to “Cracked up

  1. You have a very nice work area. My thumbs and finger tips also split if I don’t keep them lubricated with hand cream. One of the joys of aging. Also, I found I was allergic to the chemicals in some papers, such as those just off a printer. My hands improved dramatically after I retired. Dianne

  2. Ouch..hope it feels better…Michelle

  3. oh I feel your pain. I’m finding if I use a good hand cream, lots of it before I go to bed at night, it really helps!

  4. Well, I hope you get back to us with your stories soon. Heal quickly.

  5. Ooooouch! I’m so sorry. My problem has been my heels. I used Heel Balm on the mainland, but can’t find it here in Hawaii. I’m using a lot of Brand X’s.

  6. I cut my thumb right at the nail, and I couldn’t do anything with a bandaid on it, so I went and got some liquid bandaid and it worked like a charm! I had to reapply it every once in awhile but it made a big difference.

  7. Ouch! That’s awful. Sounds like might need to protect hands with gloves.

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