Thinking about Easter

Yes, EASTER. It will be here in one month. I just returned from my Sunday School room where I took down Valentine’s decorations and put up Easter things. I’m starting to look at craft projects for the next five Sundays, too. Yesterday my first graders planted seeds and took them home in terracotta pots. They also got to look and feel barley (uncooked) and eat bread made with spelt.

Waldorf Kindergarten Bread

Waldorf Kindergarten Bread

Some of my students really liked it and asked for seconds and thirds. A couple said they didn’t like it, but they did try it. I always tell kids they don’t have to eat anything they don’t like so my students are pretty willing to try anything knowing they can toss it out without admonition of waste. By the way, we had 15 in class. Biggest group yet. Wonder what Easter Sunday will be like?

Getting back to those Easter plans. I wrote and asked our daughter if they had any plans for the week, thinking we might go get the tiny grandkids and have them here for a few days. I also picked up a couple of Easter baskets at Target without any idea how I would use them. I probably would have bought more but they only had two of these:

Photo on 2-25-13 at 1.07 PM

One of the ladies who helps in Sunday School suggested that we make Easter baskets for two of our teenage helpers who do the most fantastic job. We’ve really missed them the last few weeks as they were out sick. I immediately thought of these baskets and suggested she get the grass and any other goody and I’ll get See’s Candy Easter bunnies to go in them.

So, Easter is coming. You got any plans?


8 responses to “Thinking about Easter

  1. I have family coming from out of state. I can’t wait.

  2. We’re going to an extended family gathering. Easter’s early this year.

  3. That is a really sweet idea to do that for your teenage helpers. With large classes, all that help is certainly appreciated. You all must be doing a great job or they wouldn’t keep coming back. God honors that kind of dedication and teaching.

    • Thank you, Lynda. God did prompt me to teach this class for one year, and He has helped me be faithful in attendance. The consistency has made a huge difference. The rules and procedures are the same, every week, and the kids have responded well. Before, each week saw someone different in the classroom. The kids were really unruly because they had no idea what was expected of them.

  4. I don’t remember if it was for Easter or not, but one year I did a Scripture Cake with my Sunday School class. It was quite fun and I think the kids had a good time figuring out the ingredients by using their Bibles. Here is a link to one of many recipes for ‘Scripture Cake’:

    • Thank you so much for the cake suggestion. I am going to try it, but not with MY Sunday School kids. They are only first graders and would have a hard time finding that list of Bible verses. They struggle to find the first five books of the Old Testament. Next week we will start working on the first five books of the New Testament. Maybe by the time they move on to the next class they will be more adept. I am going to pass this along to my FB friends, though.

  5. We have been celebrating Easter at our house since we’ve moved to Hawaii. My brother and his family usually comes over. It’s sort of funny because my mother, husband and I are Buddhist. We do it for my sister-in-law who is Catholic and my nephews.

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