Cowbird Daily Story

Last year I signed up for Cowbird and was accepted. It is a great place for storytelling and for reading the stories of others. Every day brings a new treat, usually in the form of the daily story. I was very surprised when one of my stories was chosen for this honor. It was a piece for their saga project, Bedrooms.

IMG_1532A Bed With a Canopy

It seems as if most little girls want a canopy bed. I did. My friends did. After sixth grade, my parents redid my bedroom and bought this bedroom set. A double dresser with mirror, a desk and chair, a nightstand, and the canopy bed. My mother was not too pleased with the white finish, thinking it would get dirty. She was possessed by a cleaning demon, always cleaning; but this white furniture would be MY responsibility to keep clean. Almost fifty years later, it still is. My responsibility and still clean.

I slept in the canopy bed from sixth grade until I got married, at age 22. Our daughter slept in this bed from the time she was one until she left for college. Her tiny daughter now sleeps in it when she visits Grandma and Grandpa. Our granddaughter has named the room for herself: Leeya’s room. And she too loves the canopy bed.

I love the site because not only do you get to tell a story but also post a photo that goes along with the tale. Although I could only post one photo for this story, I will show you a few others of the room.




7 responses to “Cowbird Daily Story

  1. That is such a sweet, beautiful story! I love the history and sentiment of it. I can feel the happy memories.

  2. I loved this story too. I guess I can relate to it because as a young girl, I saw photos of canopy beds and thought they were the coolest things. We couldn’t have anything like that in Hawaii because we lived in the plantation and the tops of the canopies would have been full of red dirt. Still… I loved to dream of having one.

  3. I never had a canopy bed, but I loved the way they looked. Now that I am grown up, I have little interest in sleeping in one, but the child in me loves the way it looks even today! 🙂

  4. lovely story of the canopy bed! Yes, I wanted one but never got one! I did get a swing set!

  5. That is very pretty, and the history of little girls is precious. My sister and I had bunk beds, much more functional in the tiny room we shared.

  6. I thought a canopy bed would be wonderful, but my sister and I slept on bunk beds for many years. Nice story. Dianne

  7. Wonderful story! I love that the bed has been used by three generations!

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