Rushing the season


Today was another lovely warm late winter day. I had a few errands to run, and I didn’t want to wear winter clothes any more.

I chose a pair of capris which are a few years old and a new pair of spring shoes. I love the color but don’t expect them to last for more than a season or two. They were only $10. Oh, and the top I chose? Dark brown. It is still winter.


9 responses to “Rushing the season

  1. I love these, and the price is right! My granddaughter put on her spring shoes today also. I was surprised not to see the ever present Ugg boots. We still have snow on the ground, but she was ready for her new spring shoes. I guess those feelings are in the air.

    • I’m wearing the shoes again today with a skirt. We are headed to the Chinese New Year parade in Chinatown. The forecast calls for temperature near 80 today but rain is coming so the shoes will have to go back in the closet next week.

  2. We have gone back to winter for a couple of days. It’s okay cuz I have enough inside to keep me busy today. Next weekend is supposed to be gorgeous weather though.

    • We are forecast to have rain and lower temps this next week so I’m enjoying the spring clothes for one more day. I’m hoping for a lovely Easter, but who knows. Our Easters are often cold and rainy. Well, cold for us.

  3. well didn’t you look cute today!

  4. Oh my! This is like Dorothy’s ruby shoes. They will take you anywhere you want to go in style.

    • The shoes are cute and campy but definitely not the kind for long treks on city streets. There is almost no cushioning in them. That’s what you get for $10. They will be great for running errands or for a time when I don’t have to do lots of walking.

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