The year of the snake

The Chinese New Year was actually in February. It is the year of the snake. San Francisco had their big parade and celebration a few weeks ago, in February. Of course, Chinatown in San Francisco is a large part of the city, teeming with residents. It is a big deal there. Unlike Fresno.


Chinatown in Fresno was once a thriving part of the city. It is west of the main downtown area which has also seen better times, but Chinatown has pretty much been abandoned. The buildings are empty, crumbling, and there are few visitors to the merchants who still eke out a living there. A few restaurants are well known and have lots of business at lunch time, but few go into the area after dark. Even the Buddhist Temple, which has been named a historical landmark, has been abandoned for a larger, newer shrine in a better part of town. Very few Chinese even live in Chinatown now.


But, they do have a parade for Chinese New Year, and it was held last Saturday. It is a small affair, only last about a half hour. There are no firecrackers and only one dragon. This year there were three lion dancers so that was good. A few booths set up to sell food. We bought egg rolls from the benevolence society. From what I could tell, that was the only booth selling Chinese food. There were a few selling Mexican food as well as some with snow cones and soft drinks.


Terry and I went, our first time at the Fresno parade, although we have gone over to Chinatown a few times to walk and take photographs and eat at a couple of the restaurants still there. It was fun to see the people who came for the parade and to watch the participants.


7 responses to “The year of the snake

  1. No firecrackers? And only one booth offering Chinese food. Ummm…
    I still haven’t been to a Chinese New Year parade here in Hawaii. We’re hesitant to brave the traffic and the crowds. I’d sure like to try it someday though.

    • There were only a couple of hundred people, spread out over many blocks, for this parade. The one inconvenience was the blocking of the street on which we had planned to park, but we were fortunate to go around a different way and find the last spot on that block. The parade in SF is convenient, although crowded, because you can take public transportation. We could actually walk from our apartment to Chinatown in about 15 minutes. I miss that.

  2. the weather looks great for a parade! thanks for the nice photos!

    • It was great weather. We have had a very mild winter here. It’s been colder than usual, but much drier. No fog this year to depress me for weeks at a time.

  3. What fun. One of my favorite memories is visiting China Town in SF. BTW got the beet, apple, carrot, and pear to make the smoothie you recommended. Dianne

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