Let the week begin

This will be a jam-packed full week of lots of things going on. I’m meeting new people, taking care of old photos, running the usual errands, seeing my amazing hairdresser for a refresher, and attending a conference on how to make our city better (and, Lord, does it need that). An old acquaintance has passed on to glory and her memorial service will be held midweek. She was well-known for her organ playing so I know there will be wonderful music at the service. The weather forecast promises 80 degree days, and I’m holding the weatherman to that promise. I am so ready for warm weather.

This morning I am heading out for my first project of the week–to find mats and frames for some very old photos from the church archives. You may remember that last year our church celebrated its 130th anniversary. This year we have a new minister who is very interested in getting the old photos on exhibit in his refurbished office. I am delighted that he is so interested in things like this because he is young (40) and comes from Chicago, not a local boy.

My first set of photos will be the four church buildings, the first which dates back to 1883. The first two buildings, made of wood, burned early on. The third one, built downtown and used until 1955, was made of brick. The current sanctuary, built in the late 1950s, has been remodeled in the last few years but we have no large photo showing the updated look so I am framing a photo from the 1990s that shows the lighted cross on the building. Many people show up on Sundays to tell us that they saw the lighted the cross one evening and decided to find the church.


One response to “Let the week begin

  1. That’s a very worthwhile thing to be doing, framing those old photos. And it says good things about the young minister that he’s interested. 🙂

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