It’s a frame-up


I found frames for the church buildings at Aaron Brothers but had to order three as they only had two in stock. It may be over a month before they come in.

I looked at Target for the smaller frames for the pastors and found the perfect size at a very low cost and bought the entire stock of five. Today I’m going to check at another Target for a few more. There are six Targets in our area so should be able to get what I will need for the job.

Today I am headed downtown to meet a man who makes miniatures of local historical buildings. He is bringing a few to our meeting at a coffee shop that I am hoping may be willing to display the replicas. I plan to interview the artist and take some pictures of his work. I’ll let you know how it goes.


5 responses to “It’s a frame-up

  1. You can get really decent frames in the department stores these days. Nice job so far.

    • The only department store we have left in Fresno is Macy’s. I rarely shop there. I rarely shop any where, and that is the reason I am not super excited about looking for frames. If I don’t find what I want at my first or second stop, then I pretty much give up. I was very pleased to find the frames for the churches at Aaron Bros, even if I did have to order the majority of them. One stop shopping.

  2. I get a lot of cheap frames at the Dollar Stores. My home office wall is lined with my own photos framed inexpensively. I give away framed photos when I have a photo I want to share with family and friends, rather than just the photo loose.

    • I have no idea what your dollar stores are like. We have one in town, in a very upscale area, that is decent to shop in. The others are a bit sketchy. Also, those type of stores, like Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, are great for going to every week to check on what they have, but to run in and find exactly what you are looking for, on the spur of the moment, doesn’t work for me. Also, I only buy things when I need them, never buying things just to “have” in case of wanting them in the future.

  3. Funny…just yesterday, I looked for and found the frames I needed on Amazon. My motto is let your fingers do the walking. Dianne

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