Feeding the neighborhood and the soul

The birds are having a hey-day in the backyard, picking over the variety of grains and nuts I have put out for them. They have been consuming huge quantities now for the past month. I put out about a cup of millet, sunflower, barley, oat, nut mix each day. To that I add leftover bread/cake crumbs. Usually, by noon, the entire mix is gone. The birds twitter and chirp and sing all morning, and should I have time, I will refill the saddle in the pear tree where they come to eat. It’s like a deep bowl in the center of the tree. They return late in the day, to consume more of the mix. The squirrel population seems to have diminished, perhaps picked off by the circling hawks.

We have new neighbors next door. Lovely small children and a big dog to whom I took cookies and dog treats earlier in the week. Today, 3.13, is pi day, therefore, I am baking a Meyer lemon pie which I may share with the neighbors. I will be making Red Wagon peach pies on Saturday for a luncheon meeting I am attending on Sunday. Lots of baking going on around here.

Yesterday we attended the memorial service of a former organist for our church. The sanctuary was filled with so many of her friends, family, and acquaintances who knew her through all of her musical endeavors. Not only had Zella been the organist at our church for 33 years, but had played in many other local houses of worship that have organs. She had taught music at a local college as well. Musicians came to pay her homage. We heard beautiful string quartet, organ, and voices lifted high.

It was good to hear our church organ again being played as it has been shuttered for many years now, only opened for funerals, it seems. Our Sunday morning worship service consists of a band and praise choruses. I don’t mind, too much, but I cannot sing most of the songs, nor do I even want to. I so miss singing the great hymns. Makes me sound like an old person, doesn’t it? I have not been in worship service for months now as I am teaching Sunday School during that hour. People will ask if I miss being in church, and I have to honestly say, no. I can listen to the sermons on podcast, without the shrill music that does nothing for my worship mood. I do miss the people and the fellowship before and after the service.


5 responses to “Feeding the neighborhood and the soul

  1. I am totally with you on the music. Our problem is the volume of it. I don’t mind most any music but not blaring to the point it literally hurts a person’s ears. I am not the only one who has said that.
    That being said, we are VERY fortunate that our church still offers a traditional service at 8:30 with hymns and some more of the modern music, too – – – with a reasonable volume! Our pastor has said we should be comfortable worshiping with any style of music even if one resonates more with us. Hymns do have a great deal of theology and testimony.
    Your church is very fortunate to have you teaching. You put a lot of preparation into it to make it intriguing.

    • Funny you should mention the volume issue…the organist who just passed on would sometimes play the organ so loud that we all winced. She was the only one who seemed to be able to coax such big sounds from the organ as it was not a pipe organ but rather electric. It is a great piece of equipment, just rarely played now.

  2. Gee, I wish you were my neighbor. I love lemon pie, hint, hint. My Mom played our church organ…years ago.

    I had to stop feeding the birds, too many rats…city living you know. Dianne

    • The birds, the squirrels, the cats, the neighbors…I’m generous with all of them. Oh, and the occasional opossum that shows up late at night.

  3. A Meyer Lemon pie???? Mmmmmmm…. I would love to taste a slice. It sounds wonderful!!!

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