Juice of the day

There were a number of citrus fruits from the last couple of CSA boxes that needed to be used. Then we got 2 kiwi fruit in this week’s box so today’s juice is carrot, citrus, kiwi, mint. I left the rind on one teeny tiny tangerine for more flavor. Once I left all the rind on all of the citrus fruits, and Terry thought the taste too strong.

I still prefer my apple/pear/kale/basil combination best with either cranberries or blueberries. I made a double batch yesterday due to an abundance of basil. Terry and I each got our own separate glass. Usually we just share a 16 oz glass.

Next week the tiny grandchildren will be here. They love the juice I make.


7 responses to “Juice of the day

  1. You are doing so good with sticking with the juicing. Have I already asked you or just thought about asking you – – – can you tell a difference in your health and energy? Or maybe you notice that you aren’t getting sick as much? You could include the answer in a future blog if you want. If I remember correctly, the juicer was an impulse buy? And I might have that remembrance wrong because I specifically remember someone else who bought an “appliance” recently as an impulse.

    • My daughter’s juicer inspired me to get one. I thought they were very expensive, but she had paid only $99 for hers and I got my Breville for $149. I use it almost every day. I also take probiotics and other vitamins and we eat very well, having very few processed foods. Terry and I are both very healthy. I take Imitrex for migraines which are triggered by air pressure changes. Terry takes no meds of any kind. We have been told we are unusual but we tend to think those who take meds are unusual.

  2. Keep these ideas for juice coming! I love it. I am going to try doing some of these with my Vitamix.

  3. That sounds really tasty and healthy. I’ve never tried juicing but my brother-in-law made us some. He used mostly veggies and I was surprised at how good it was.

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