It’s a grandma week


We have had the tiny grandchildren this week. Whew! Not much time to write. Or even think.

Today we met their great aunt Edie at the airport. She flew from Florida to see the kids for the first time. This is my son-in-law’s aunt, his mother ‘s older sister. She was thrilled to hear these tiny voices calling her baby sister “Nana.”

Terry and I are taking the evening off while the grandkids go to Nana’s for dinner. Thank God for all that family. Thank God for a quiet moment.


5 responses to “It’s a grandma week

  1. Hope you survive! They look adorable, such a handful, though. 🙂

  2. Last year I finally crossed the continent to California to see my grandsons who moved there about six years ago. Love their tiny voices. Nice post. Dianne

  3. They’re so cute! Glad you had a respite though.

  4. Sooo cute. Photo makes me smile.

  5. They are super cute!! Glad you are able to get a night off though!

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