Happy Easter

Although it’s already a new day in the other half of the world, Easter Sunday afternoon is quietly lingering here. We didn’t get home from church until after 12:30 as today we changed the way we are doing things. Now there are two services, one at 9 and the second at 10:45. I worked both Sunday School sessions and came home so tired I could hardly stand up. I’m hoping to write more this next week about all the changes, but for now, here is a picture of part of what I did this morning:



7 responses to “Happy Easter

  1. Oh, that’s so lovely! I hope you had a wonderful and uplifting rest of Easter Sunday. I have, I am in bliss at the moment. 🙂

  2. Based on your picture, it’s no wonder you’re tired!

    • This was first period, when I had 16 kids and two helpers, one of whom is the other teacher for the class. When we travel in a line like this, I always try to have something for them to “be.” In this case, we were airplanes. We have been elephants, bunnies (for short distances), and trains. I think I need some other creative ideas for movement as we will now be doing more of this each Sunday, and for farther distances.

  3. Excellent picture. Who is having more fun – – you or the kids? Will you work both Sunday Schools every week? I used to “work” so much every time the church doors were open that it almost got to be a burden rather than a blessing. However, I am back to a great balance again and am loving serving once more. THANKS for updating on your activities. I like reading about your love for teaching God’s Word.

    • It was fun, Lynda, but exhausting. By noon, I was ready to collapse. No, I won’t be doing both periods each Sunday. Yesterday was our first time at this new arrangement and it was EASTER. I volunteered to take both sessions because I knew some of the students would have a hard time with the conversion. Also, I knew we would have very large numbers, which we did.

  4. Nice photo looks like you are enjoying those kids!

  5. you look like a happy teacher…thanks for visiting and commenting on my block!

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