What’s been happening?

For those of you dear Readers who have been along on this journey, you know that for the past seven months I have been teaching first and second grade Sunday School. This is after a hiatus of nearly 20 years from the church classroom. When I finally decided to go back into the classroom, it had to be on my terms. I offered to teach EVERY Sunday from September to May. I would take the second hour of the day and would be a consistent presence in these children’s lives. For the past few years, every Sunday there was a different teacher in the room (and it is still that way in the other grades), and the kids were running the show. Not much was getting done, the kids played most of the morning, and many had quit coming because there was so much chaos.

When I stepped into the fray, I was blessed to have a remodeled classroom. A group of elderly ladies who meet every Friday to pray for the church, had made over the room with cleaning, paint, and decoration. They had bought new Bibles for the kids to use, but not much had been done with those books. After I started in September, the numbers started increasing, and the ladies bought more Bibles so that each student would have one. They bought a new rug. I started adding decorations for each season.



And the numbers kept increasing. Three weeks ago we got a new children’s minister and there was talk of changing the way we are doing Sunday School and church. We were to have two worship services which meant Sunday School must change. Classes were to be moved and added. Moved? yes, mine was one of the classes that would have to move. I would leave that nicely decorated room and move into a room that has been neglected for years. It was once the nap room for a daycare center we had in the children’s wing. The windows had been blacked out, the furniture removed. There was no decoration and it all had an inch of grime. I learned of this move two weeks before I needed to be in the room, but with only one week to make the change and it was the week I would have our grandchildren here. So, this was not going to be easy.





There were supplies to move, bulletin boards to change out, and finally the furniture was brought in. I have worked very hard on this room, and it still looks pretty sad, but with the kids in the room, it livens up. I’m hoping that just getting light and air into the room will make for better feng shui.



This was the second session of the morning. First session I had 16 students; second had 21 students. This pretty much maxes out the table space I have so if we continue to grow, I’ll need more tables. Another problem with the room, it doesn’t have any linoleum so I know the floor will be a mess since most of my lessons involve glue, paint, glitter, and sundry jetsam and flotsam of small children.

10 responses to “What’s been happening?

  1. What a loving teacher you are! Love your imagination and guts!

  2. Praise God for the large number of children attending!!! Yes, consistency and creativity does make a big difference. I admire your energy and dedication to this ministry. The room looks like it is a decent size – – – even with all those kids! Thanks for the update.

    • Yes, we are thrilled with the numbers. All of the rooms in the children’s wing, built in 1955, are the same size. They are large rooms with lots of windows. The rooms were remodeled in the 70s when new lighting and sinks were installed. I had pushed then for linoleum in the rooms because I knew there would be large messes made in those rooms. Another remodeling happened in the 90s but that was mostly painting and safety features.

  3. It looks like a nice large room.

  4. I guess you really do have your challenges to make the new classroom your own and one that blesses all of you. I admire your commitment to this calling. God Bless.

  5. All things work together for good, so challenging as the changes may be, I’m sure the end result is a blessing for you, the children and the church.

  6. It looks great and I’m sure will get better with time! I have Sunday School teacher envy every time I read your SS posts. 🙂 We started a church 18 mos ago in SF and set up and tear down our SS area every week. We’re currently in a “health/counseling” area in a High School for last chance students. I’m grateful our young kids can’t read the posters on the walls addressing cocaine & sexual identity. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have women with your experience, commitment and heart working with our small group of children and a room I could keep up week long!

    • If we still lived in SF, Leah, I would come help you out! Your situation makes me realize how fortunate we are to have the wonderful facilities that were built almost 60 years ago. The Sunday School wings are very well furnished; we just need to take care of what is there and give glory to God in all that we do. Your comments made my heart sing. Thank you.

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