Accomplishing what?

Some days I feel as if little gets accomplished around here. Especially on those days when I go out. Yesterday I stayed home all day and got lots done. I’m staying here again today with hopes of working in the backyard.

However, the cats and the tulips in the front yard distracted me this morning. So, I decided to sit on the porch and type this post on my phone.

6 responses to “Accomplishing what?

  1. Well done! I think we must follow our hearts on these spring days that give us every possible weather event, sometime all at once. 🙂

  2. Cats and flowers – – – excellent distractions! Sitting on the porch – – wonderful activity – – – especially if you were in a rocking chair! Remember – – – even Jesus took a break from HIS regular routine!

    • Your reminder sounds much like the voice I hear that tells me my job some days is to be very still, very quiet, and just enjoy time with Jesus.

  3. Fascinating you can grow tulips there. I thought they needed cold. Got to check out that climate of yours. Dianne

    • These tulips were planted 30 years ago. When we first moved into this house, every Thanksgiving I would plant about 100 bulbs. There are very few left as I quit doing that about 25 years ago when I started teaching. I no longer had the time on Thanksgiving weekend to do the work in the yard as I was doing school work. This year we had a very cold winter with many nights below freezing. That helped the daffodils and tulips. My Japanese iris, however, did very poorly.

  4. Well… here I am blogging when I’ve got a million and one things to do around here. I’m having an awful time keeping up with blogging and everything else. Sigh…

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