Accomplishing something

Just wanted to let you know that the cats and tulips didn’t keep me away from working in the backyard. We have new neighbors, and their beautiful black cat seems to think our backyard is the place to be. Here he is, lying on our patio table:


There is much to be pruned in the backyard, and I did some of that, but quickly filled our gardening container and even had brush left over which I stacked on the side of the house, planning to cut it up next week. But, Terry and I talked and decided it could go in our regular garbage can as it’s never too full. You can see from these pictures that there is still more pruning to do:



The nandinas are especially overgrown at this time of the year. Once I get them cut back, they will remain that way through the summer with only an occasional trim needed.

Our temperatures are high this week–in the 80s–so I have started running the sprinklers. Since we had a really cold winter, makes me wonder if we’ll have a really hot summer.

Still making juice. This one was apple, cranberry, chard stems, carrot, pear, and fennel. The chard stems made it a little “green” tasting.



8 responses to “Accomplishing something

  1. That drink looks refreshing!

  2. I’d like to taste one of those! Wow, eighties! We had freezing rain this morning, sort of a winter goodbye I guess.

  3. I arrived to southern California to 87-degree heat, what a shock to my system! We haven’t seen anything hotter than the mid-sixties yet. That drink looks delicious. 🙂

  4. I enjoy your experiments with smoothies. I think I told you I tried one or two of them. Chard sure made this one pretty. We are puttering at our yard work too. Oh my back. Love Nandinas. Dianne

  5. I did a double take because your backyard shot reminded me so much of our backyard in Illinois. It made me a little homesick. I bet there’s a lot of spring work to do there too. I hope my daughter is doing the spring clean-up. Your juice/smoothie looks fabulous!!! I have a cousin who is strongly advising that I do the same thing.

    • My concoctions are all done in the juicer; however, one could put the juice with some frozen banana, or yogurt, or avocado, into the blender and make a smoothie. My daughter did that with a juice she made that was just too “green,” even for her taste.

  6. Hard to believe that you have temps in the 80’s, while those of us in the midwest are barely in the 50’s. Spring is definitely delayed in this area! I’m reading more and more about these healthy smoothies…..sneak in some healthy stuff and disguise the taste with a lot of fruit. Will definitely have to try that…..your drink looks good!

    You commented on my “L” is for Lake Havasu that you were going to share my post with a friend of yours who goes there all the time. I’d be curious to hear if the business has picked up, especially the little shops around the bridge.

    • My friend likes to go for the gambling and I think she was just over there awhile back for a meetup with some high school girlfriends she has recently connected with. (She is 64)

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