Out with the old, in with the new…maybe not

You may remember a previous post of mine where I prattled on about not buying something new unless something old was moved out? In that case I was getting rid of a pair of shoes. That’s a hard one for me as I LOVE shoes but no longer buy a new pair unless I throw out a pair which really makes me think about that purchase.

For sometime I have thought about disposing of a perfectly good pair of flats I wore when teaching. They are a style of which I have about 10 pair because they are so comfortable and were perfect for those field trips of yore. The pair in question is a three tone purple and brown. I had lots of purple shoes when teaching because the school colors are purple and gold and this was one pair I have kept due to their good condition. But when wanting a new pair of shoes, this was a pair I would consider to be tossed.

I also have a suit, in a color that I call raisin, that I have contemplated many times getting rid of. It is in very good shape and could go to a thrift store for someone else to enjoy. There is a skirt, shirt, and jacket. Once there was a pair of pants, but I did get rid of them as they really looked like old-lady pants.

On Monday, when dressing for the field trip to the monastery, I realized my lightweight spring clothes originally selected for the trip would not work on such a cold, gray morning, so I started digging in the back of the closet to see if I could turn up another long skirt, and lo and behold, there was the raisin-colored suit that I thought I had moved out. I took a warmer silk jacket and a scarf for my head. You can see the skirt, top, and scarf in the group photo. AND, the shoes. They worked with the suit although they were not the original shoes I bought for the outfit. I actually had matching pumps way back in the day. They wore out and I dumped them so I could bring home new shoes.

So, sometimes it’s good to clear out the closet, and other times, it pays off to keep that suit one has not worn in many years. And the shoes that I didn’t know even matched.


5 responses to “Out with the old, in with the new…maybe not

  1. Does this mean no new shoes?

    • It does. Unless I find a pair I want to toss. I did get rid of some casual shoes so I could buy TWO pair of really cheap casual shoes at Payless Shoes a few weeks back. Since I no longer work, I cannot keep bringing more stuff into this house. Even when I did work, I tried to adhere to the rule, but I NEEDED more up-to-date clothing then.

      The other day, while running through Marshall’s, I saw that they had some marvelous shoes and I stopped for a brief moment to ooh and ahh, but then, the rule jumped into my head, and I hurried on for my real purpose there-to look for pillowcases. Maybe I should write a post about my pillow case hunt.

  2. it’s a good rule, but a tough one!

  3. I have the same shoe rule, except when I buy too many new shoes and can’t find enough pairs that I’m willing to let go of. I’m gradually letting go of work wear and building my retirement wardrobe. Our colors were also purple and gold and I have quite a collection of purple wear, including purple shoes!

  4. It’s hard to let go of something that fits — and I always hope it might “come around again” style-wise. And some of the more classic pieces do. But yes, I do keep too much — gotta quit that.

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