Where is spring?

This is a post I published on Cowbird, and I wanted to share with you:

This morning we toured the Shinzen Japanese Gardens at Woodward Park. As you can see from the pictures, it is a beautiful place, filled with spring flowers and budding plants. The peacocks were guarding their nests with loud shrieks; the pounding of the drums reverberated through the gardens. The day started beautifully with a promise of temperatures in the 80s. The park was filled with people, all enjoying the sunshine, the gardens, and blue skies. It was perfection.

Later, at home, and sitting out in the backyard, I started reading the flurry of Cowbird stories about the winter weather many of our writers were experiencing. The same types of posts, and pictures, were also on Facebook. This is my response to all those stories:

>>I’m sitting out back, on the greenhouse pad, in a wicker chair, wearing capris, and my feet, in tennis shoes, are propped up on the low wall. I’m reading posts, blogs, and stories written by people who woke up to snow-encrusted landscapes this morning while I listen to the neighbors’ air conditioners come on. Although feeling a bit guilty, I am loving this wonderful weather, here in California, under a pear tree in Fresno.<<

For all of you wondering where spring is, it is here, in California. You are certainly welcome to visit it.


7 responses to “Where is spring?

  1. OK, I’m impressed! That is truly a gorgeous garden. Coincidentally my daughter and family went to the Japanese garden in Chicago today too and sent text photos to me.

  2. Spring is here in Tennessee, too! I have read some of those northern blogs – – the people who got snow again this weekend! Bummer for them. I am concerned we will have a “buggy” summer because we did not have many freezing temps this winter.

  3. Gorgeous photos. I especially like the tree with red leaves…Japanese maple I assume. Yes, CA is beautiful and so is spring here in VA. However, your weather is very nice. My son lives in San Diego, and I like it very much. Dianne (former CA resident)

  4. What incredibly gorgeous photos! Thank you for sharing!

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