I made strawberry jam



10 responses to “I made strawberry jam

  1. Homemade strawberry jam is the best!

  2. YUM!!! One of my favorite things ever! I craved strawberries with both pregnancies. It is still one of my most favorite fruits.

  3. That jam looks really, really good! 🙂

  4. certainabsurdity

    Fantastic! You know I’m a sucker for making jam.

    • It was no where near as ambitious as your jam making. I didn’t actually “can” the jars but rather just put the jars in the fridge. I figure we’ll eat them up before any chance of bacteria growing.

  5. It looks really good! What a great colour.

  6. Um…do you have my address???


    • I would have to ship them in ice since I didn’t hot-bath can them. You could come to California, though, and I would make biscuits for you to have with a jar of jam and melting butter while we sit out on the patio and enjoy my wind chimes!

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