A new wind chime


Although I really wanted this wind chime when I saw it at Orchard Supply, I could not justify the purchase. Remember I said I got rid of something old before buying a new item.

Terry brought the wind chime home yesterday, after he worked on editing the church broadcast. I was delighted with the present and he was delighted to be able to buy it for me. You see, I always buy my own gifts and such so I get what I want. I’m very hard to buy for.

This wind chime (I have three others in the backyard) has the most melodious tone. I am delighted to sit out here and listen to the breezes make music.


8 responses to “A new wind chime

  1. Do you have any Chimes of Partch? I love those – I have a rosewood set.

    • Don’t believe so. All the previous sets are quite inexpensive. The one I bought was only $4, but that was many years ago. This one that Terry bought was $45, really much more than I would have spent.

  2. It looks like it would have some deep and medium melodious tones. I have one that is a similar size and love the sound. I forget the company name on it but it was actually tuned to produce that particular music.

  3. How lovely! I think I can imagine its song, but it’s only because looking at it makes me smile. 🙂

  4. I love your new wind chime. We have several and several have fallen apart. The pieces lie all over David’s workbench. I think I will buy a new one. ~D

    • I will have to bring this one indoors when the bad weather begins. It has beautiful wood pieces that will quickly deteriorate out in the rain. My others are less expensive and seem to hold up just fine out in the bad weather.

  5. how thoughtful of Terry. I’m also picky about what I buy.

  6. That is a very attractive wind chime. I know they can be very expensive.

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