The juicing is doing some good

Some of you have been following along with my juicing experience. You’ve asked if I’m more healthy by doing this, and I have been unsure how to answer in that I am pretty darn healthy. At my last doctor’s appointment, she ordered a full blood workup, testing everything that could be tested, and the only number that was out of whack was sodium. It was low. The doctor asked if I drink lots water. I do. She told me I could eat more salt but to not tell anyone because doctors never say that! This was all before the juicer came into our life.

Our juicer

Our juicer

(And as an aside, Terry is so healthy that our doctor has told him it’s really disgusting that someone his age is in such good shape. We are very thankful and hope to keep it that way.)

I usually make juice every day or so. About five times a week. Terry has been surprised that I have kept it up so faithfully. This week that changed because I have been busy in the afternoons which is when I make the juice. This morning I was feeling kind of crummy and tired and then I remembered that I had not made juice this week so made the decision to correct that. I made apple, basil, carrot, and kale juice this afternoon before Terry took off to run some errands. Looked like sludge but was very tasty as the carrots and apples are so sweet.

Terry enjoyed it along with me which was a good thing since he had eaten meat both at breakfast and lunch today. Once a month he takes photos for a local organization that has its breakfast meeting at a nearby Mexican restaurant. The food is excellent, but he consumes a number of meat dishes instead of the usual cereal that he has for breakfast. Then I made turkey sandwiches for our lunch. We definitely needed some veggies in there somewhere and the juice contributed that missing piece. Helps us both to feel better. So, I will get back into the routine of making juice.


7 responses to “The juicing is doing some good

  1. I eat vegetables and fruit instead of turning them into juice, but like you I feel horrible when I don’t get my “fix” every day.

    • The juice is a vehicle for me to get kale into my body. I hate kale in any shape or form except the juicing. We eat lots of spinach which I like in all forms, but kale just never has appealed. I still can’t eat chard, even in juice, though. We get kale and chard in the CSA box so this is a way to use it.

  2. Glad to hear you are so healthy. I usually am, too, but I’m fighting a throat infection right now and started antibiotics yesterday. I really don’t like to take them, but they have their occasional uses. I love juice, too.

  3. I do envy your sodium problem here!

    • I’ve been hospitalized twice with sodium/potassium depletion so I take a potassium supplement and I put salt on everything. Terry is happy with that because he likes salt, too, and he also has no problem with too much salt. He doesn’t drink enough water, though, as far as I’m concerned.

  4. My cousin is doing the same thing and he says he’s doing great. He was a little overweight so I’m looking forward to seeing him again. This really sounds like an excellent thing you’re doing.

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