Orange you glad I made cupcakes?


The recipe called for a bundt pan. I hate those pans so poured the batter into lined cupcake pans.

I put the extras in the freezer but they had to come out yesterday to make room for the beerocks I made.

A fresh batch of orange buttercream frosting makes the cupcakes just as good as the day I baked them.


8 responses to “Orange you glad I made cupcakes?

  1. Those look and sound fabulous!!

  2. wow you’re a good baker!

  3. Oh, they look delicious! I LOVE cupcakes with lots of icing on them.

    • I keep the frosting in the fridge and frost each cupcake as I eat it. Decadent. but, they are now all gone. There is a bit of frosting left, though.

  4. Sooo tempting but “get thee behind me”. I still have much weight to lose. I am, however, thinking about trying some of your juicing recipes. I’ve been saving them for when I get a juicer. Any recommendation on which to buy?

  5. You are such a clever person. Bundt cakes are delicious. Ready made portions are good.

    BTW I bought another wind chime. Love them. Dianne

  6. Oh my gracious! This looks absolutely scrumptious!!!

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