Seeking displaced persons

I have posted this story on Facebook and Cowbird and now, here. I am hoping that somewhere, in all this social media, someone will recognize a name or a face and I can made a connection. Please feel free to share this story on your Facebook account or your blog. The more who read it, the better.

Shortly after WWII Fresno First Baptist Church, where I have worshipped since 1975, sponsored a family from Latvia through the Displaced Person Act of 1948.

While working on the church’s 130th anniversary last year, I had read in the archives of this family’s arrival and all that the church members did to prepare for them and take care of them. Harriet Barker, one of the original Allied Arts Girls, was the point person for this project.

Yesterday, while cleaning out one more box of stored records, I found the entire file on the displaced family. They remained in Fresno for a very short time, moving on to southern California. The last correspondence in the file is from the County of San Mateo in 1959.

The family’s name was Prujinskis but was changed to Pruett after their arrival in the US. In 1959 the family members names were: John Pruett, Gay Pruett, David Pruett (born 2-14-49), John Pruett (born 5-3-50) and Ruta Pruett (born 7-9-52). The last two children were born in the US.

So, the point of this post is to tell others about this family. I would think the children are still alive and it would be wonderful if we could get this file to them. It tells a lot about their life in Germany before coming to California. The picture is of Gay, John, and David Pruett, in the front row, with Gay’s mother and siblings, taken March 2, 1950, in Augsburg Germany. Gay’s mother’s name was Doroteja Urbans, born 1898.

I have many Cowbird/Facebook followers, and I would love it if each of you would share this story and photo with people you know, perhaps posting on Facebook if you use that social media site. I know the power of social media. Someone out there must know of the family. My prayers are going with this as I feel God has brought all of this material to this place at this time in history .

Latvian Family 1950


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