How did it get to be May 11?

I almost wrote May 10 for the title of this post and then realized we just finished  another night so it’s a new day. The time is flying by. We have not been at home  this past week and the next few weeks will be much the same.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is getting ready for a major renovation and will close for three years beginning June 2. A major photography exhibit by Garry Winogrand has been at SFMOMA the last few weeks and one we really wanted to see. Winogrand died in 1984 with over 4,000 undeveloped rolls of film sitting in black plastic bags. Another 2,000 rolls had been developed into contact sheets but not edited. All of this work was culled to be included in this exhibit. It was amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing it. Just as we completed our tour of the fourth floor exhibit, the fire alarm sounded and we



were evacuated from the building. Since it was free Tuesday, we decided we had gotten our money’s worth and went on to enjoy the Yerba Buena Gardens which are across the street from the museum.



A lovely spot for lunch in Yerba Buena Gardens

A lovely spot for lunch in Yerba Buena Gardens


Yerba Buena Gardens

Yerba Buena Gardens


7 responses to “How did it get to be May 11?

  1. I wonder if it was a real emergency or a drill? But you got your money’s worth, it seems. 🙂

  2. There is lots of demolition going on around the building as they get ready to renovate so we think they may have gotten into an electrical system that blew. Happened a lot when I was teaching at the inner city high school during remodeling. We spent lots of time out on the field during that time. Unlike the museum, we had to go back to class after the a all-clear.

  3. That’s some renovation for a museum to be closed down COMPLETELY, for 3 years! Look at the money they are losing from income! Wow!

    • The museum will have some exhibits around town in various places, but for the main part, they will be on hiatus. This happened with the DeYoung and also the Asian Art Museum which just reopened. It seems to be something they do in SF.

  4. Three years?? I hope I am alive to see it. BTW your suggestion worked. My impatience was the problem. Thanks for the advice. Dianne

  5. Found you via Minimalist Woman. I am not so very far from you–just south of Santa Barbara. I check out out St. Nicholas Monastery and put it on my trip list for this year 🙂 Thanks.

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