Grandparent’s Day

Although yesterday was Mother’s Day, we didn’t do anything special around here. Jennifer did call, late in the day, as she is very busy on Sundays with her job as youth pastor. Not only did she make flowers for all the mothers in her church, but she also entertained her in-laws who were visiting to celebrate our granddaughter’s fourth birthday, which happens to be today. Four years ago my life changed, big time, and all for the better. Becoming  grandma was one of the best things to ever happen in my life.

May 13 2009

May 13 2009


We won’t be there today to celebrate with Leeya. I left a card with four, one dollar bills for her to open this morning when her parents and baby brother sing Happy Birthday to her.

Last week, when we were visiting in the bay area, Leeya spent one night in the hotel with us. I snapped a photo of her and Terry, on their way back from breakfast. It made me think of an earlier picture Terry had taken of Leeya and me as we walked along the salt marshes in Alviso when Leeya was two. I photoshopped the two pictures in celebration of this birthday and how happy we are to be grandparents.

Leeya walking with grandparents

Leeya walking with grandparents


5 responses to “Grandparent’s Day

  1. Yes, it is wonderful to be a grandma. I love my 2 grandkids.

  2. I would love to be a grandma…Happy Mother’s Day…Michelle

  3. Those pictures are precious. Thanks for sharing them! 🙂

  4. You are right….there is nothing better than being a Grandma! What a sweet photo of the two of you walking! And with Grandpa, too!

    You asked me how I got to write about the mini iPad cover? That company approached me via e-mail and asked if I would review their product. This isn’t the first time a company has asked me to do this, but only the second time I have reviewed a product.

  5. Pretty little blonde girl. Lovely story. My little blonde granddaughter is now 24 and all grown up. Dianne

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