Today’s juice

Today is CSA box, but that’s later, and tomorrow is farmer’s market. The weekend buys are about gone, too, so pickings are a little lean around here for the juice.

Cherries and apricots have arrived so we are filling up on those each day. I bought a few apriums and one squishy one was left in the fruit bowl so I threw it in along with an apple, carrot, half bag of cranberries, and 4 kale leaves. The end product looks sludgey and tastes a bit green:



6 responses to “Today’s juice

  1. It still looks good to me, since I love kale in any shape or form. 🙂

  2. you are so good at this!

  3. I like that you share the winners and losers too. Lucky you with all that fruit coming into season. If we get it here, much of it comes from CA or FL. Dianne

  4. Sounds good to me although I might leave out the kale if I were making it!

  5. I love fresh apricots, but I can’t get them here. Well, I can, but they don’t ripen properly and just don’t taste as good. I miss them.

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