The power of storytelling in our life

I’ve been thinking long and hard on why I blog, why I write stories, and today I was actually interviewed, via Skype, by a student in the Netherlands who is writing a thesis on this idea. Renee Meijer, who like me, writes on Cowbird, is writing about the storytelling aspect of Cowbird and why and how we tell our stories. It was a fascinating conversation, and she certainly stirred my thinking even more so.

She told me about live storytelling events that I had never heard about before. I thought such an event would be interesting to see. Sort of like a poetry reading, but different in that the storyteller must tell a true-life tale. We chatted about what story means and what I enjoy about Cowbird. And that brings me to why I write. The stories on Cowbird give me a glimpse into other people’s lives and how they make order of their world. Same for reading other’s blogs. It’s undoubtedly the voyeur in me. I also like to share my own life through stories knowing that there are readers who are getting to know more about me.

I told Renee about my experience with my students to whom I would tell stories. They would remember the story but not some pertinent fact about marketing or economics. That’s when I realized the power of stories. We definitely affect the lives of others through our stories. That’s why Jesus told stories to get his message across.

So, dear Reader, thank you for reading my stories here. And, if you have a blog,  thank you for sharing a part of your life with me.  Your stories are powerful. Don’t stop telling them.


6 responses to “The power of storytelling in our life

  1. I may have told you the reason I started blogging was to connect with out-of-town family. You all are the bonus I received!

  2. Wow. Yes, true! I mean, testimonies are powerful. But even simple ordinary stories are too. And telling a story also therapeutic. There’s actually what they call ”critical incident stress debriefing” right? And it’s mostly asking the traumatized person to recount what happened. Haha. I hope I’m not making a simple topic sound complicated. Hahaha… 🙂

    • Thank you for your input, and yes all stories are important. I do occasionally write to help with my emotional state. Sometimes I feel that I overdo with writing my feelings and have to either redo or delete the post. There are people out there who really don’t want to hear the emotional edge as they feel their view of a matter to be different.

  3. It’s often not clear at the beginning, but once we write, it’s as if the purpose becomes clear. I love what blogging has brought into my life and in particular the wonderful connections which I am so grateful for every day.

    I am careful about what I put out there, as there is a strong current of attraction in the blogging universe and we have to be aware of that when we write. You only need to look at online newspaper communities to see the effect of so many negative stories and the vitriol that attracts that can spill over into cultural topics. I’ve pondered this and wondered why blogs tend not to attract this, but the reason I think is very much related to our content.

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