How many navy tops does a person need?

While sorting clothes this morning (it’s Memorial Day, good day to do laundry), I realized I have a lot of navy tops. Three of them were in this week’s wash. It’s been my go-to color this week while our temperatures went way down. There was some brown in there, too, but mainly navy.

Seeing all those navy tops, I got to thinking about how many navy shirts were in my closets, and I was a bit taken aback. I have three short-sleeve navy tops, all sort of on the casual side. I have two long-sleeve navy tops that I wear with suits. I have a navy silk shell that I bought for one specific outfit but wear with others that include a jacket. (I don’t do sleeveless any more in public.) Then there is one long-sleeved, front-buttoned, collared shirt. It’s actually a stripe, so maybe it doesn’t count.

We won’t discuss black. Or brown. Or turquoise.

These are the reasons I’m not buying new clothes unless I get rid of a similar piece from my closets. And, yes, closet is plural. I have two. But, one must remember this is a small house. There are no walk-in closets. Another reason to not buy any more clothes right now.

Please note, I did not mention shoes in this post.

12 responses to “How many navy tops does a person need?

  1. I have three closets and a wardrobe. However, one of the closets is filled with photo journals and other travel momentos and the wardrobe with bedding and other stuff. I too need to give more things away to charity. Will do when I lose more weight. Dianne

    • I needed more clothes when I was teaching than I do now. That’s why I have so many things. I never bought faddish styles, but rather more classic lines, so they are still stylish. Some of my shoes were ahead of their time and are just now getting into mainstream. As I’ve written before, I love shoes and would always be on the lookout for something unique.

  2. I adopted your policy when I started replacing my wardrobe as I lost weight. I have to get rid of something every time I buy something. Now that weight loss has slowed, this keeps me from expanding my wardrobe to infinity and beyond.

    I’ve also noticed that I am drawn to the same colors over and over. I think that’s in some ways a good thing – those are the colors that look best on me – but it does make me feel like I’m wearing the same thing over and over.

    • Sometimes that is not such a bad thing as you don’t have to give much thought as to what to wear. I know what goes with what and put those outfits together. Every now and then, though, I’ll pair a couple of items that I never thought of wearing together. I’ve gotten braver about mixing colors that way. Like red and turquoise. Never thought of it until one day my red shoes were sitting out when I took out my turquoise skirt and noticed they worked together. Same thing with a purple jacket and dusty green pants. The color is dusty, not the pants.

  3. certainabsurdity

    I can totally relate to this post. I’m going through stuff today too. I’m sure my process will last through the summer since I need to purge a lot of stuff. But it does make you think about the parameters you need to set for getting rid of stuff.

  4. I decided to cut back on buying clothes last winter when I realized I had almost 30 shirts hanging in the closet. As things became unwearable I didn’t replace them;now that the selection is pared back I make sure to remove something when I bring a new item home.

    (However, since I have to wear a uniform to work I don’t count the four pairs of black pants and five company-supplied white dress shirts. They take up an entire closet section.)

  5. someone likes navy! So do I !

  6. Let’s try this again. I think I finally have a working password.

    Hang on to the navy tops. They are too hard to find. I just bought me a new one today because I was looking for something navy to wear and only had one navy top and it was in the wash. The one I wore constantly finally bit the dust. I can no longer wear it, so I had to replace it. I love navy tops, shorts, skirts, pants, jackets, and shoes. They are becoming harder and harder to find. Have you looked for navy shoes recently? They are next to impossible to come by.

    • Oh, I’m not getting rid of them. I wore three in one week and even wore a navy pajama top for a few nights. I’ve acquired these tops over a period of many years. When I worked, I bought anything that appealed to me, and if it was on sale, even better. A few years before I retired from teaching, I realized I couldn’t buy like that any more because I was running out of room and I needed to downsize. I have gotten rid of some clothes, but kept my classic pieces that can be worn for many more years.

      Have you tried Talbots for navy shoes? Or Nordstroms? Those two companies are my go-to places for shoes. But, shhhh, let’s not talk about shoes.

  7. I was addicted to cargo pants, and then I realized that I wear the same two pair over and over. My closet is filled with blouses, and my drawers with t-shirts that I never wear. I’m going to take your advice and lighten my wardrobe!

    • I wore t-shirts on Fridays when I was teaching so when I retired, I immediately got rid of lots of t-shirts. However, I have received some since then. I may have to do some downsizing in that area, but all my other clothes are staying as they are classic in style.

  8. I like to buy a few muumuus every year to add to my inventory. As I wear them night and day, I can never have too many.

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