About those clothes

In my previous post I mentioned washing those navy tops I had worn last week. Laundry is my job around here and there is a darn good reason. My OCD kicks in big time when it’s time to do laundry. I am very particular about the way laundry gets done.


I separate everything into detailed piles. There is a pile for each: dark knits, dark cottons, light knits, light cottons. I put all the jeans/denim in a pile. Terry’s dress shirts go in another. (We don’t send them to the cleaners.) Towels are done on a separate day. Sheets on another. My underwear is done in a mini handwash load. Terry’s underwear is all cotton and goes into another load on warm wash/warm rinse. Most of the load are done with cold wash/cold rinse. I use Woolite for most clothing loads with a small amount of Downey fabric softener. Seventh Generation is the other brand of detergent that I use for towels, sheets, and jeans, and none of these products have color or scent.

As for drying, I’m just as uptight. Most loads are dried on low heat for minimum amount of time. I hang underwear to dry and most loads of clothes come out slightly damp so the items are hung to finish drying. That goes pretty quickly in our hot, dry summers, but in winter in can take overnight to get the items dry. Terry’s underwear, the sheets, and the towels all dry to completion in the dryer.

Our clothes last for decades, and I think much of the reason is due to my super diligence with laundry. Terry worked with a man who had a striped shirt just like his. Terry’s remained dark and in good condition for many years and just recently he started using it for a gardening shirt. The other man’s shirt became faded within a short time. Terry always figured it was because I washed his in cold water.

About a year ago our washer died. It was 10 years old and when Terry had the repairman out, it was determined the motor was shot and that it would cost $300 to repair. Terry said we’d buy a new washer. I started investigating washing machines and found that to replace the one we have that has all these special washes and rinses, would cost over $1000. For $600 I could get one with two speeds-gentle and regular-and three temperatures-hot, warm, cold. I called the repairman back and put in the new motor. He told me that usually they don’t recommend that on a machine as old as mine, but mine was in such good condition, otherwise, that he thought it a good idea to do so. When I explained my investigation, he agreed that washing machines with all the stuff I have would be very expensive. He said most people aren’t that particular.


8 responses to “About those clothes

  1. I enjoyed reading your story! Yes, you are OCD about laundry lol. And I thought my husband was particular but it’s more in the way he puts each item into the machine. You’d hate the way I just stuff everything in.

    • The husband comment IS funny. You see, I just dump the clothes into the washer, but when my husband does laundry (rarely), he places each item into the drum and makes sure the load is very level.

  2. Sounds very much like the way I do laundry! Except that most of our laundry must dry to completion in the dryer (on low heat!), otherwise I would be doing laundry all day every day, instead of 2 days a week :-).

    • Sometimes, in the winter when it’s very dark and cold, I will dry the clothes longer in the dryer as I just cannot stand to have them hanging all over the place for days.

  3. You were smart to fix your old washer. I bought a new HE washer and dryer before we moved. I hated it. I had to leave it behind as part of the deal to sell the house. We bought another new one when we moved to our new house. It is also a HE washer. I don’t like it either, but it is a top loader and better than the front loader. The new HE washers are so hard on clothes. Like you, I am very particular on how I was my clothes. I find these new washers frustrating. They use little water and beat the clothes to death. You can’t even buy washers with a central agitator anymore. I tried. They aren’t out there. And, the new HE washers are VERY expensive.

    • My daughter and son-in-law just bought a new washer that does not have an agitator. They were thrilled in that they could now cram even more clothes into the drum! I do tiny loads of wash. Sometimes, when we have been traveling and gone for awhile, I will even divvy up the loads of dark cotton or light knits because there are so many items. I want the water to get all around the items and rinse them well. I also use tiny amounts of detergent so as not to have residue on the clothes.

  4. My new shirts arrived. I have to wear long sleeves year-round owing to several bouts with skin cancer. The new shirts like my old ones are mostly blue with the odd lavender shirt thrown in. As for washing, everything gets the same thing, Normal and cool wash. Works like a charm. Dianne

  5. I guess I’m not too OCD about our laundry because my mother insists on doing it and I can’t complain although I usually do the darks myself.

    By the way…Thanks so much for all your kind messages while we were gone to China and I was cut off from my blog. Although I couldn’t access my blog, I got your comments via e-mail and they always brought a smile to my face.
    I’ve just finished my China blog posts so I need to work on our photo album because we have too many things happening this summer that will take up our time. Life does tend to occasionally intrude on our blogging. Thank you again for being such a wonderful friend.

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