Today’s juice


Brought to you by this produce.


8 responses to “Today’s juice

  1. Looks so good to me! But I am already a convert. 🙂

  2. yum! so healthy looking too.

  3. It was heavy on the kale so had a bit of green taste. The previous day I had used more cantaloupe, which makes for a creamier juice, which was very refreshing in the heat we are having.

  4. Looks good. So is it kale, spinach, cantaloupe, and plums? I need to go grocery shopping. I will get some cantaloupe to try in a smoothie.

  5. It looks healthy and yummy too. I’ve only tried a few juices, but you’re making me curious.

  6. I’ll try something with the cantaloupe, but the kale does not look appealing. I have difficulty with green things in my juice. Got Georgia peaches coming at the end of the month. Dianne

    • The only reason I’m doing the juicing is to get kale into me. Oh, and more basil as it’s very good for you. I know how good kale is for the body, but I cannot stand to eat it in any form. Except juicing it.

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