Retired people activities

Keeping busy is not a problem around here. Terry has been getting more and more requests to take pictures of events. We were invited to a formal dinner at one of the downtown historical buildings last month to celebrate the work of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Terry takes lots of photos for this organization so it was a nice “thank you.” Even though they didn’t request photos, Terry took a few (100) or so. This shows an overview of the room:


In just the past two weeks he has done photos of their monthly breakfast and then of the grand opening of a new business of one of their members. Someone snapped a  picture at the grand opening, and Terry was in it, doing his job:

Terry at yougurt etc


The business is a yogurt shop, and this photo was taken of people with their samples of the product that were given out that morning. You can see Terry back there, camera to face, taking a photo of some other people from the Chamber, chatting.

Friday, while my friends and I went to Kingsburg, Terry went to another grand opening, this time a residential development in downtown Fresno, to take a few photos:


Taking the photos is the fun part. Then he spends hours editing them, putting them on CD, making a cover, and delivering the CD to the organization. On Friday night he took photos for a meeting at our church.  I don’t know when he will get time to edit those as he is doing the editing of our church’s video of the Sunday morning service which is broadcast on TV each Sunday morning. Not only will he do the editing, but drive the finished tape across town to the TV station. Oh, and he also operated one of the video cameras this morning that tapes the service for the one-week delay.

Me? I’ve been doing school tours at Kearney Mansion again. I did this last year and had so much fun, and I guess I was good enough, that they asked me back. The students who come are local third graders. I usually give two-45 minute tours, back to back, but if the school has a large group, then I will do three tours. I’m pretty tired on those days. Since we are in the last days of school here, the tours have finished, and I’m planning to work on a scrapbook project this week depicting a party I helped give one of our church members who was moving away.

Kearney 2


Here I am showing the students a panorama picture of the Fruit Vale Estates as it looked in 1903.

This photo, taken in the farm management office that is in the house, shows an advertisement that M. Theo Kearney used to sell his development in 1889:

Kearney tour guide


So, those are a few activities we have been doing the last few weeks of May, first part of June. The next big thing is to take care of our grandchildren for six days while their parents are doing a summer mission project. I’ll let you know how that works out.


5 responses to “Retired people activities

  1. I know you will have fun with the grands. And you are doing work that you both enjoy, so that is a real plus! I am also enjoying tagging along. 🙂

  2. People told me when I retired I would be busier than I was when I was working. I did not think it possible but my days have certainly been full – – – different activities than yours though. You all are great contributors to your community.

    • I am no where near as busy (or exhausted) as I was when I was teaching. I do not miss the daily pressure to get so much done and then wonder what I forgot and if what I did was good enough. People remark that we are “so busy,” which makes us laugh. We are doing things, but we are definitely not busy like we were when working full time.

  3. lovely photos! You are model retirees!

  4. Wow! You both really keep busy. What Terry is doing is a TON of work though. Wow! I can’t even get my China album completed.

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