What bizarre weather

The weather in the San Joaquin Valley, for this time of the year, is usually warm. High 80s, low 90s. In July and August we get those +100 degree days. This year, we had 108 on Saturday. We joke about it being a dry heat with humidity usually around 15 percent. On Saturday it went to 29 percent which is very humid for us.Then on Sunday, the temperature fell to 98 degrees and the wind started blowing in the evening, taking the yucky humid air with it.

This morning we awoke to 60 degrees, clean air, and a slight breeze. Lovely enough to open all the windows. As the morning progressed, clouds blew in and IIMGP6023 needed a lamp as I worked on a scrapbook project at the dining room table. While putting completed pages into vinyl sleeves, I realized I heard large raindrops on the roof.

Running out to get the yard furniture in under the patio, I heard loud claps of thunder. Isn’t there a warning about being under trees when it’s thundering and lightening? And yet, there I was, scrambling to get chairs, tables, ottomans, all hauled in from under the trees so as not to get too wet. Just as I got the last table onto the patio and started for the house, the rain stopped. One more crack of thunder, and it all seemed to be over. I’m not moving that furniture back out on the yard any time too soon, though. Who knows what the weather will bring next.


7 responses to “What bizarre weather

  1. Sounds like the weather around here. I just went out and watered my drooping plants. Now it is sprinkling rain. I open a window for air and it blows shut. Then, when I finally give up and close the window, the wind stops.

    • My little weather-maker was quite the aberration here. None of my friends had any such rain and thunder. One of my friends lives only a couple of miles away and she said it never even clouded over to the point of turning on lights like it did here. She said I must have had one cloud sitting right on top of me all day. Sort of like what you see in cartoons.

  2. Well, as you sweat and bake and then cool off, we here in the Pacific Northwest are continuing to have our mid-sixties weather with sun and clouds. It’s perfect! 🙂

  3. What a pretty picture of the sky! Yes, I think you aren’t supposed to be out in the weather with thunder because lightening is close by – – but as women, we do what we feel needs to be done.
    I like scrap-booking, too, and hope to get back to it soon.

  4. We’ve had different weather here in the midwest, too. Cooler temps for it being June. Now, finally, this week it is to get warmer – in the 80’s. We’ve had a lot of rain.

  5. Goodness, it is hot out your way. I was complaining about 90 degree weather here. Dianne

  6. We’ve had rather erratic weather here in Hawaii too. Mom keeps complaining about the weather every time she gets ready to hang out the wash.

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