I get to buy shoes

Ok, the shoes aren’t for me so none of my shoes have to leave. Our grandchildren are staying with us this week, and they needed new shoes.

Here is what Leeya picked out:


Judah got these for dressier times:


He also got a pair that are more like sandals to play outside. Because these kids live where it’s never too hot, they didn’t have a lot of hot weather clothes so Judah also needed shorts to wear while in Fresno.

9 responses to “I get to buy shoes

  1. I understand from friends who are grandparents that shopping for grandchildren is VERY fun!

    • I rarely get to buy for Leeya because she gets her cousin’s hand-me-downs. The two girls have beautiful things, many of which have only been only worn once.

  2. I love those pretty pink shoes. And I have a pair of sandals that I only get to wear for one month here in the Pacific Northwest (August). 🙂

    • We were kind of amazed that they had shoes to match her dress which is a couple of years old. Most of Leeya’s clothes are hand-me-downs from her bigger cousins. Since there are no boy cousins, Judah doesn’t have all the fancy clothes.

  3. They are adorable! I love Leeya’s shoes!

  4. Sooo cute. They look so much alike. Even hold their mouths the same way. Are they twins?

  5. Great choice on the shoes. The little pink shoes are just adorable, but the little girl is even more adorable. So is the little boy. Your grandchildren are darling.

  6. So cute! They match their outfits! My mom bought my 3-yr-old nephew new shoes too! :)) He wanted to wear it to bed. Hihihi.

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