No forwarding address

You may note, dear Reader, that the blog roll list, over there on the right, has gotten shorter. I’ve taken a few of the links away since the blogs have either disappeared or not been refreshed in months. A few more may have to go, too, as my taste is changing, I guess, and what amused me at one time, may not so much now.

What would you do with your blog if you decided to quit writing? Would you just leave it hanging? Would you take in down completely? Even if one decides to take a break, it would be nice to have a little note left behind, explaining what the writer was doing.

Some of the blogs I deleted were fairly new, but one was from the beginning of time, when I started blogging. That one made me sad, but the writer has disappeared. Not only is her blog gone, but she no longer tweets. Funny thing, she was rather manic about both for awhile, daily blog posts and thousands of tweets. No notice about leaving, just gone.

Often, now, when I go out wandering around to see what is out there in blog land, I come across blogs that haven’t been refreshed in years. I ponder these. The writing was good, the comments were there, and there seemed to be a following. What happened? No explanation. No forwarding address.

If something happens to me, I have instructed Terry as to what to do with my social media. I have a lot: this blog and another WordPress blog; Facebook; Twitter; Vine; Flickr; Instagram; Cowbird; Yelp; She Writes; 365 Project; Pinterest; and I run an FB page for an organization. Should I decide to quit any of those, I would leave a note, saying goodbye. I have a Klout score, so maybe if I suddenly went quiet, they would come looking for me. Probably not.


24 responses to “No forwarding address

  1. I was all gung-ho about blogging and everything else social media about a year ago. I took a vacation and made a ‘after these messages, I’ll be right back’ post. Now, I’m thinking about pulling the plug. I enjoy reading but not so much of the writing anymore. (What to do? What to do?) Hmm. Goodbye notes do seem like the polite thing. I doubt Klout will coming looking for me.

    • Thanks for the reply. I love to write. Guess that’s why I have all those social media outlets. Writing and picture taking are my retirement activities.

      I started this blog because I was told I needed an online presence. That was in 2007 when I had all of three Google entries. Now, there are pages and pages when you Google my name. Guess I fixed that problem!

      Writing takes commitment. Sometimes it’s more than I can accomplish with other activities going on, like last week when our grandchildren were here. But, I’m back for this week. We’ll see what transpires next week.

  2. As you know, five years ago I completed a yearlong ” New Thing A Day” project. Back then I thought the most logical thing to do was start fresh with a new blog. Now I wish I’d continued on with the old one.

    • You do, though, Kathy, have a link to the old blog so people can go back and take a look at it. When I run out of photo space here, I will have to start a new blog. But I’ll leave a forwarding address.

  3. It’s kind of depressing when people just disappear. I’ve had that happen with a few beyond-blog friends. It’s kind of hard to deal with.

  4. you are very social media friendly…wow. I would leave a note that I quit blogging.

  5. I’ve been blogging for a year or two and Blogland is an odd world. I’ve become philosophical about it now. My present blog seems to have evolved and changed and so have the blog friendships – some are new and some are
    ones I’ve been connected with for a long time. In a mad moment I deleted my first blog as my lifestyle meant I didn’t have access to the internet several times over that year and now I regret doing that in a way. However, I missed blogging and when it was possible I started another. Maybe something drastic has happened to someone who suddenly goes off the radar in social networking circles which makes one wonder about what situation has happened?

  6. I have never been in your blogroll, but you comment often enough that I figure you must have started following me. You are in my Reader but not in my blogroll, and I realize I should clean up the ones in my sidebar. It’s been awhile. I was just thinking the other day that I should consider making a book out of my favorite posts (you can do that, I hear) just in case something happens to my blog. I have two, and my husband would tell my followers if something happened to me, and I would certainly never leave without saying goodbye! 🙂

  7. I think the right thing to do is to leave a note. I’ve seen some people say that they are taking a break from blogland, are going on vacation, but two scenarios that were heartbreaking was 1) when the blogger passed away. Her family stepped in and notified her followers and 2) when a blogger was exposed to be a fraud. I followed this blogger for a few years. He had me believing his story, praying for him and his family, only to find out it was a big FAT LIE!!! That hurt.

    I have contemplated leaving the blog world – since I started blogging when we hit the road traveling. (2005) We got off the road a year ago. I would definitely leave a note!

    • Blogs change over time. I don’t see that as a problem. This one started out as a view from the teacher’s desk, then morphed into a view from my perch when we lived 17 stories over San Francisco Bay, and now has changed with our return to inland California and is more about my retirement activities. I love to write too much to leaving blogging at this point. But I would put up a post letting people know.

  8. I blog for myself – – to keep out-of-town family informed of our activities – – as well as it being a scrapbook for me. (I copy and paste my posts to Word, print them, and keep them in a notebook.)
    It doesn’t matter who keeps me on their roll and who doesn’t. I stopped listing other blogs on mine because I follow some people who don’t always share my views or ‘preferred’ language. Some precious Christian teenagers would not appreciate reading all those I follow so I don’t list the links. However, I guess they could just connect by the comments . . . . . . . . .

    • Lynda, I cannot figure out what is wrong, but Safari does not like your blogsite. It tells me it is a Phishing site and to not go there. Have you heard this from anyone else?

  9. From another viewpoint, as someone who has done just what you are objecting to, it’s possible that one quits blogging without planning in advance to do so, making the little note something that never quite happens. In my case, things got a little rough for me for a while, and I just didn’t know how to write about it all. I never meant to quit, and I intended to go back, but as time passed it seemed like I couldn’t figure out where to start again. Now that I’m out of school for the summer, and am really taking a summer break, I have begun writing again. I have written a post, and have a few more planned, because I probably need to write more than I realized. As for all my other web presence, I felt I was becoming too scattered. Websites I was writing on kept closing down and I felt like I had lost track of what and where I was writing. I guess I needed to just stop and take stock of it all. And oddly enough, I don’t regret it at all. I did what I needed to do to care for myself. If I’ve lost all my readers, that’s as it must be. Eventually someone will read my blog again, and I hope it’ll be just what they need to read in that moment. I respect your ability to maintain continuity, Delaine. You are good at that!

    • Thank you, Lynn. Sometimes there are some long gaps between posts. Like last week. I was so busy with those tiny grandchildren that there was no time to sit and write. Or think!

  10. Interesting comments…. I am home a lot and blog more than if I was still teaching…. I have had some blog friends for over 5 years…. Michelle

    • I started out, online, with Compuserve in 1992 because I was going to start using the Internet in my classroom and I wanted to know what I was doing. I met some wonderful people in those Compuserve forums and we are still friends today. I have met new friends through this blog and even more through Facebook and Twitter. I love the way the Internet has brought people into my life that I otherwise would never have met.

  11. Interesting topic. I can’t believe I’ve been blogging since 1998. I was in a lot of pain — emotionally speaking, due to a preponderance of disappointments in both my work and personal life and, instead of getting on the highway, rolling up the car windows and screaming my head off (really I did), I began typing out my feelings and experiences in a journal I kept on a floppy. Technology began to change, I changed with it and each time lost parts of the journal until I heard about what was then called online journaling. I had no idea I’d still be at it 15 years later. Not feeling emotionally safe with anyone in my life enough to express my deepest feelings, the blog was and still is talking to myself about myself. But having no idea if anyone was on the other end, I still would always post that I’d be away for a while when I was in transition and had no access to a computer. Sometimes I think I should end the blog — that I’ve run out of words, but things I find interesting enough to talk about seem to always crop up. Thankfully life is kinder now and I no longer feel the need to scream out in pain along the internet highway, but living alone I don’t want to end up one of those old ladies you see walking around talking to herself, so I continue to have these talks to myself and a few kindred souls have commented and joined in on the conversation.

    • I love your blog, Shirley, but I’m not too sure how I found you. Probably in one of my wanderings. That’s how I have found many of my friends. I will definitely keep checking in on you in that crazy apartment complex where you live.

  12. My sidebar is full of bloggers who no longer blog but since I take long absences too I can’t bring myself to clear them out! I think you’re smart to leave instructions for a final post if necessary. I’ve seen that only once when the blogger’s son informed of his Mother’s passing, but at least we knew. Meanwhile I keep hoping the bloggers will return!

    • well, I had to chuckle…just checked your blog and found that you had not posted for awhile until now. We all take breaks. I just wish some bloggers would tell us that’s what they are doing and that they will be back. Just learned that one of the original blogs I read when I started blogging has been taken down. The writer told me on twitter where she now hangs out. Twitter is easier. You only get 140 characters so you don’t have to think of a whole lot to write!

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