It’s back to normal, whatever that might be

Guess that first line of the last post no longer fits! Many of your replies to leaving the social media world prompted me to add you to my blog roll so now I believe it’s longer than before! But, that’s ok. I like to have my friends close at hand.

I am getting back into my old routine after the whirlwind we had here last week. We picked up the grandchildren from San Mateo on Sunday, the 16th, and kept them with us in Fresno until their parents picked them up on Friday, the 21st. In that week we went shoe shopping, visited great grandma, got fresh produce at the farmer’s market, took a trip to the zoo where we fed the giraffe 1014284_501221716614643_1405711446_nalong with Nana, and played outside LOTS.

On Saturday Terry and I hit the road again for the bay area where we stopped in Alviso, saw the grandkids one more time, and then spent Sunday in San Francisco where we got to tour the city in a vintage trolley car, circa 1912. Fun, fun times.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

6 responses to “It’s back to normal, whatever that might be

  1. I love that picture feeding the giraffe…. lettuce? I did cringe a little hoping that the little one’s fingers didn’t appeal too much. 🙂

    • Yes, lettuce. Nana (the other grandma) paid $2 each for the kids to get a few lettuce leaves to feed the giraffe. I held Leeya & Nana held Judah. That giraffe tongue is really long and slimey.

  2. glad you have things sorted out! You are one of the most organized people I know…of course there’s Kay of Musings and Kathy at Second Half!

    • I am resting, a lot, and writing, this week, but also getting the house back in order. I don’t do any housework while grandkids are here so now I have to clean off all the fingerprints and stickiness.

  3. I am DYING to see San Francisco!! The farthest west I’ve been is Colorado – I loved it and want to go back, and also want to go all the way to the coast next time! 🙂

    I love that you see your grandchildren so much. I know it is very special to them, and will be memories that they will always enjoy looking back on!

    • One of the reasons we wanted to live in San Francisco was to be closer to the grandchildren who live in San Mateo. In Fresno we are about 3 hours away. When we bring them home with us, it takes almost 4 hours because we have to stop and let them out of the car for awhile.

      The fall is the best time to come visit SF. Summer is very cold and gray. There are lots of tourists, too. Of course, this year, from July through September the World’s Cup Sailing event is in SF. Room rates and rents have gone sky-high.

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