At the salt marsh

The little town of Alviso was our destination on Saturday. We went there about two years ago with our granddaughter and kept saying we had to return, but usually we have to get somewhere when we passed the turnoff so we kept pushing it off. Saturday we made the turnoff.

Stopping at a restaurant I found on Yelp, Rosita’s Cafe, was the perfect place for lunch. I ordered carnitas burrito and found the best carnitas I have ever had. We asked for an order of chips and the green salsa to take to our son-in-law who is a fan of such food. We definitely want to come back here to eat again.

Alviso is an historic town on San Francisco Bay where once fishing boats brought their hauls. As the town sank into the bay, things changed. The canneries closed, people moved. The salt, though, kept coming. The marshes continued to fill the shoreline.9111395769_19ba5efdb0_z

A park with trails through the marsh is here now. These doorways are built along the edges, leading one onto trails. There is a train track on the east side of this salt marsh. As we walked along, the train passed once, and then returned. As I captured this photo 9113629786_b8689238dc_z

Terry snapped this one of me. It was very windy that day and his hat kept trying to blow away. I took it and pulled it down tightly on my head not realizing he was going to make a permanent record.



4 responses to “At the salt marsh

  1. That’s a cool picture of you! Good capture of the train through the doorway, too. 🙂

  2. interesting and educational trip!

  3. What fun. The small towns around our large metro area have been mostly swallowed by urban growth. We used to travel to one or two places we loved filled with antique stores and lots of history. i think the return of the salt marshes and end of the canneries is a good thing, though others might not agree. love the shot of the train.

  4. You are certainly having a great time and these photos are really artistic and beautiful. They could be paintings.

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