Taking the F-Line

When requests were originally made for us to have the grandkids here last week, our daughter and son-in-law had planned to be on a mission trip. We would pick up the grandkids on Sunday from their house and return them on the following Saturday. The mission trip got cancelled due to a flu outbreak at the destination and so our daughter and son-in-law had a week to themselves as well as being able to pick up their children a couple of days early. I was really pleased as we had never had the little ones for more than four nights. The grandkids, though, are thrilled to be here. It’s just that the grandparents get TIRED.

Since the original plan had included taking the kids home, we had made hotel reservations so as to stay overnight and rest before the return trip. We decided to keep the reservations and go into San Francisco on Sunday. Which really worked perfectly because that day there was a vintage trolley tour from the Railway Museum that I really wanted to do. Terry was able to get tickets for us SONY DSCand so we got up early, took BART from the Millbrae station and enjoyed a cool, overcast day in San Francisco.

You can see from my picture, taken on Car #1, built in 1912, and the one we toured on, just how happy this made me: SONY DSC

The car we had been scheduled to take, built in 1914, was unable to make the trip. I was beyond enthused to get to go on Car #1, the oldest trolley in San Francisco. These vintage cars have been lovingly restored, this one to the tune of $1.2 million, to their original glory, and are used on the F-Line, down Market Street and over to Fisherman’s Wharf. Since the Railway Museum is just a block from the high-rise in which we lived while in San Francisco for 15 months, we have visited it as well as taken trolleys to and from the Wharf. I like the Milan cars as they are quite noisy and you can certainly feel like you’re on a trolley.SONY DSC

Car#1, however, was very smooth, in comparison. Some of the vintage cars have wooden seats which can be a bit hard on a long trip. This car, though, had restored wicker seats. The inside of the car, with rosewood trim, is quite beautiful and makes for a very enjoyable ride down Market Street, across town on Church, through Dolores Park, all the way to the maintenance yard and back.


There were a few spots where the trolley stopped and we were allowed to get out and photograph the scenery. When we got to the maintenance building, we all got out and walked around, looking at all the vintage cars in different states of renovation.






This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was a drizzly Sunday but we were quite snug in our own trolley car. The trip was planned to take two hours, but it was almost three hours, what with all the traffic on Market. When we got back to the museum, I went in to pick up our souvenir posters while Terry snapped one more photo of Car #1.



4 responses to “Taking the F-Line

  1. what a lovely trip to San Fran! Enjoyed the photos.

  2. Oh what fun. I first rode the trolly in SF in 1967. I don’t know how old the cars were but I loved it. Good for you taking a trip down memory lane on these old ladies. We are getting a new street car system here in the DC area. Looking forward to riding that too. Dianne

  3. Oh wow! That looks like a ton of fun and you must be the youngest looking grandma around!

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