Hot time in the city

As you’ve probably heard, the west coast is dealing with soaring temperatures. We are accustomed to hot summer days in Fresno, but usually one or two days and then we get a break. This time we are having several days of temperatures of 108 and above. That means the nights don’t cool down much so the heat just builds up. It’s like an oven out there.

I’ve been running the sprinklers in the backyard every day so the ground will be cool for the cats. A couple of them are willing to come in the house, but the majority are too wary of us to do that. Silly cats.

The days are so hot, especially afternoons, that I have lost track of time. I don’t want to go outside and especially don’t want to run errands. Which I need to do. I took a quick trip yesterday morning, before the heat became unbearable, to Kingsburg to get more blackberries. Actually the end of the crop. The growers have said they are done, due to the heat. I put half of the crate in the freezer and then juiced the other half today, after we returned from church. I cooked the juice down to a rich syrup with which I made a cold drink. 1065134_4378989692649_1708426150_o

I have realized, though, that my quiet afternoons, staying inside, keeping cool, has meant that my errands and the work needed to be done on those trips has been neglected. Tomorrow, I must make a change, get brave, and go out into the heat. I will go out in the morning when it will only be in the 90s. I can handle that. I will still be home by noon, before the mercury goes above 100. And perhaps make another blackberry soda.


8 responses to “Hot time in the city

  1. I am so sorry to hear about this heat. Here I was complaining about the heat when we were in Vegas and the canyons and the temps have soared even higher since. How can you stand it?

  2. I am suffering with 85-degree temperatures, and it’s only going to get hotter, they say. What happened to our ocean breezes? Any more of that nice drink left? It sure looks refreshing. 🙂

    • DJan, the higher temps in your part of the country are accompanied by higher humidity, too. I remember being in Oregon, moving our daughter, and just dying of the heat. It was only 78 degrees, but humidity was over 60 percent. Our humidity is usually around 15 to 17 percent so that is what saves us.

  3. Crazy! Son #1, who lives in Phoenix, reported that it’s going to be 110 degrees or hotter the next five days.

    The front that’s leading to your misery, though, is bringing us wet, cooler weather. It’s cool enough to open the windows, and rained 4 of the last 5 days,

    • Kathy I think it’s been even hotter in Phoenix than 110. That’s their normal summertime temp. A friend of mine spent July there a few years ago, taking care of her granddaughter while parents were occupied elsewhere. She said she could not go outdoors after 11 a.m. because it was just too hot. She had to walk the dog, go grocery shopping and do swim lessons all very early in the morning.

  4. I cannot cope with the heat for very long anymore. I usually run all my errands on one day when the weather’s cooler but in the summer, it is limited to one or two when I have to be in town. I am thankful for air conditioning and for indoor projects.

  5. I hadn’t heard about this heat wave, stay cool! We have been having a lot of rain in the Toronto area, but then we will have a couple of days of wonderful sunny weather,not too hot.

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