Still hot

Ran errands early this morning from 8 to 10. Then I returned to my air conditioned house with 80 degree air. A bit better than the outside temperature of 95. The high for today was 107, not as high as the forecasted 110.

I poured a glass of lemonade to keep me cool.



9 responses to “Still hot

  1. Not as hot here but hot, humid and rainy…. Makes my symptoms worse… Stay cool…. Michelle

  2. 107? Yikes!!! I thought 102 was terrible.

  3. It’s not as hot here today, either. We set a new record for the date yesterday, it got all the way up to 87. I know, we are wimps here in the PNW. 🙂

  4. We had a set of those glasses when I was a kid. Loved them. 🙂

  5. We got lemons yesterday. Time to make lemonade. Dianne

  6. thank goodness for air conditioning!

  7. I love the stir stick, so cute! Hot, hot, hot weather all around! It was not nearly that hot here and I was melting…

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