Just a hint of this week


Judah & bear


Leeya & friend at VBS


Jennifer leading VBS


8 responses to “Just a hint of this week

  1. My kids and grandkids went to Bible school and I taught one summer. My granddaughters have been much more active than I was. Great fun. Dianne

  2. Your grandchildren are so sweet – I am sure you relish being with them, but you will be tired at the end of the week. We have small grandchildren too, 3 grandsons who are 6, 4, and 2 years old and a granddaughter who is 2 months old – we love to drive to Tennessee to visit them and they keep us busy – they have so much energy, a lot more than we have!

  3. This looks like a great week!

    • We are taking it a bit easier on Friday. No errands to run, no activities in which to be involved until noon when I will take Judah over to VBS for lunch. It will be a long day, though, as mom & dad will be having a party for VBS workers this evening so grandma & grandpa will be in charge for a bit later than usual.

  4. Oh my! They are just too adorable! You must be having such a great time.

    • It’s now Friday…tired. Tomorrow we will all return to normal, whatever that means. The grandkids and grandcats will have withdrawals.

  5. Hope you’re enjoying your week with the little ones. Our turn next week for several weeks, but ours are older! A worth-while thing to do isn’t it?

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