Back home

We were up early this morning, just like all mornings this week, but with different intentions. We were headed home! Not to feed grand cats, not to get tiny grandchildren fed and dressed. But home, our house. Where it would be HOT. When we left San Mateo it was 57 degrees. When we drove into our driveway in Fresno, three hours later, it was 87 degrees. And that quickly became 90. And at 4:30 it is 104 degrees. I will miss the cool temperatures of the bay area.

Back to driving into the driveway and opening the garage door…the door opened but the motor on the opener would not stop running. Terry had to unplug it to get it to stop humming. After 32 years, the garage door opener has breathed its last. The garage door company is coming Tuesday to install a new one. Maybe the old one felt like we had abandoned it so it gave up, after all those years of good service.

Our cats were glad to see us. We had a Kritter Sitter come in the morning to feed everyone and then the neighbor fed the outside cats in the evening. Cats are independent, but I think they missed us.

8664606032_5ded851fc2_cOur yards missed the watering. We don’t have automatic sprinklers. As a matter of fact, the backyard sprinklers have quit functioning due to tree roots moving the pipes so I now have to use a sprinkler and hose (hate it) so nothing got watered while we were away for the week and most days were over 100. I spent most of the morning getting everything watered. Which is a good thing with today’s high temperature.


4 responses to “Back home

  1. It’s always nice to come home after a vacation. But those temperatures do NOT sound friendly. We are accustomed to reasonable temperatures since we are close enough to the Pacific Ocean to get marine coolness. Mercy, that’s HOT!

  2. Your garden looks nice and shady! Hope you can keep cool. The heatwave seems to have subsided in our part of the north east of England.

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